Doctor and Nurse Halloween Costumes

Doctor and nurse Halloween costumes for adults and children in all sizes are on sale.

This lovely fitted and flared nurse dress makes for a sexy costume that will always be timeless. 

The look zips up the front into a deep collared V-neck. It has a classic red and white color scheme with red piping that matches the red cross hat. 

Have fun customizing your ensemble with accessories like red or white thigh high stockings, medical props, and even rubber gloves!

The best way to leap into the operating room is with this Doctor costume. 

Start with a fresh-looking teal t-shirt that has the classic look of a doctor’s scrubs. (You’ve even got an embroidered patch to make sure folks know that you’re here to heal!) A knee-length white lab coat is next. 

Fill out your name tag so folks know which name to use when they are paging you. It’ll be necessary since your face mask and surgeon’s cap will have you looking perfectly professional!

Your child can feel just like an in-demand smarty-pants this Halloween when you get them this Child ER Doctor Costume, STAT!

They get a nifty and official looking ER name tag; that, along with this costume’s surgical mask and flexible stethoscope, will ensure that your little one can get a taste of life as a real doctor! 

And who knows? That inspiration may just prove a life-saver when they are stuck in all-night study sessions for the MCATs down the road!

This costume has all the details of the classic ER getup. 

The scrubs-style shirt and pants set come with an official-looking jacket, and it has a logo embroidered on the chest for an extra touch of authenticity. Add a stethoscope (sold separately) and you’re probably going to fool everyone into thinking you’re a real doc! 

Word to the wise, whatever you’d like to do when you dress up as a doctor is up to you. Just remember that you’re not actually a doctor when you wear it!

Dr. Shots would like you to take your medicine, please! 

This doctor’s uniform includes the lab coat, mask, stethoscope, and syringes. The jacket features loops for the syringes, as well as a graphic of The Drunken Hospital. 

The stethoscope is not real, but it definitely helps with the doctor image! We’re not sure how well the syringes would work for shots, but you are certainly welcome to try.

Your little one will love this official looking Toddler Dr. Littles Costume with cheerful blue scrubs and the bright white jacket. 

The pullover shirt and pants feel like real scrubs and the cap has an elastic band to keep it secure on your little one’s noggin, natural born healer. 

Sure, most people have to go through years of college and interning for that white coat but your little one is simply a natural!

This white nurse uniform has a classic cut and has a horrible twist. 

The red trimmed peter pan collar and puffed sleeves frame bloody handprints and blood splatters throughout. The skirt has tatters along the hem and a small red cross apron on the front. 

The look is topped off with a red cross hat so people will know you’re a health official, despite your untidy look.

Check out our Child Nurse Costume, which gives kids the chance to see themselves as they’ve always dreamed of being. 

It includes a white dress with red trim and red buttons, an apron with a red cross on the front, and a hat with a matching red cross.

You could maybe tell your child that nurses no longer wear the funny little hats, but then you’d be crushing part of their dream, so don’t. Let them show up to their first day on the job wearing one. We promise it will make them a lot of friends.

Our creative team designed this costume with history buffs in mind! 

The high neck and floor-length skirt maintain the modesty that was expected from the gentlewoman nurse in the 1800’s. The dress zips up the back and has a princess cut bodice. 

A full white apron secures around the waist with ties and crosses over the back, making you look ready for your patients. Topped off with a white, ruffled cap and a broadcloth band toting the red cross, this costume is great for costume parties, plays, and presentations!

A simple lab coat, right? 

Just a normal coat, except it’s white. What’s so special about that? Well, just about everything. 

Because it turns out that our perceptions change when dealing with someone in a lab coat. Not only that, but we think differently about ourselves when we’re the ones wearing the coat! Yup, that’s right. 

If you wear this coat, you’re going to be more focused and concentrated on what you’re doing.

This dress has plenty of drama and style. 

The Made-By-Us costume has a wet look with red piping up the front and red cross patches on the lapels. 

The sleeves are made of a sheer netted material with a subtle red around the hem. It’s accented with a red belt and cross in the middle. 

The look is topped off with a black hat and a red patch on the front.