Ninja Halloween Costumes

Be the fighting ninja warrior this Halloween with one of our best ninja costumes, now on sale.
Adult Mens Ninja Costume

We have a task for you. Your mission requires that you wear this black hooded shirt–with its gold snakes printed on the front–and matching pants. 

The black face scarf will conceal your identity, so whether you bring a set of toy sais or plan to go hand-to-hand, you can enjoy your new secretive persona and surprise everyone with your stealth skills in this look! 

Happy ninja-ing!

Adult Ninja Warrior Costume

Check out this Ninja Warrior Costume for Adults, it’s the ultimate outfit to accomplish some major espionage. 

Once you slip into this costume, you’ll feel the essence of ninja warriors that came before you and become filled with their knowledge and strength, so yeah, that’s pretty cool. 

Don’t be surprised if you get the sudden urge to showboat a bit with a backflip or two.

Black Ninja Costume for Girls

This Black Ninja costume is a ninja-fied girl’s outfit that’s designed to make your child feel as deadly as the silent shadows. 

The costume comes with a black top with faux armor pieces in front to help protect her from her enemies. Pointed shoulder pads create an intimidating look that her enemies will never see coming! A bright red dragon symbol on the chest lets everyone know that she’s a master, a true prodigy in the field of ninja moves. 

The included black hood helps conceal her identity when you send her on stealthy missions. The wrist and leg ties add the finishing touch to the look.

Although we suppose that it might just be a lot easier to change over to a yellow uniform, you are no doubt somewhat accustomed to this blue one. 

The royal blue stripes look amazing against the pitch black. The straps and armor pieces are all attached straight to the costume itself, so you can be comfortable and stylish without having to re-tie them all the time. Not bad work for a bunch of morose tailors!

If you are looking for the perfectly blue way to rock the ninja look, then this Men’s Blue Ninja Costume is the right thing for you.

Become part of the fierce ninja avengers in this Child Red Ninja Master Costume. 

Pair it with a ninja weapon for the complete warrior look that kicks butt! This kids ninja costume has all of the essential gear your child needs to become a fierce ninja this Halloween. 

The pullover shirt has long sleeves and the matching pants have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit all night long. The included vest has self-fabric ties at the back of the neck for an adjustable fit and the vest front has a lion emblem printed on it. 

The ninja hood covers the entire head except for the eyes (after all, your child has to be able to see their target, right?).

You are the Dragon Lady, a ninja of great power and reputation, even if the fools might not be prepared to take in your appearance. 

Garbed in your dark tunic and blood red edging and vivid sash and headband accents, you immediately command attention and inspire both fear and titillation. 

The marker of the Red Dragon and optional mask will leave all inspired and ready to tell tales of the Dragoness!

Guardian Ninja Costume for Girls

Make sure that your little shinobi is looking the part with the help of our design team’s Guardian Ninja Costume. 

 This exclusive look features a black jersey short sleeve top with gold trim that creates a wrapped look. The matching jogging pants have elastic at the waist and ankles and show off a golden printed dragon on the right leg. 

 The gauntlets and belt enhance the look with rich black and gold details, though it will be the hooded face mask that really completes the look.

This kid’s Ninja Assassin costume comes with everyone your child needs to kick some serious butt and blend into the shadows. 

It comes with a black shirt with a matching pair of black pants. The faux leather gauntlets and leg guards add a realistic look that will have him ready to pummel his opponents with ninja precision. A matching belt fits around the waist. 

The included harness has plenty of space for your little warrior to fit his ninja weapons inside of it and the included mask helps him conceal his identity during high stakes missions.

Designed by our secret legion of deadly ninja masters, this costume magically transforms your child from a normal baby, into a super-ultra-mega baby shinobi of DOOM! Of DOOM we tell you! 

The costume comes with a single onesie that has an attached hood, so you just need to wriggle him into this quick and easy jumpsuit to get him ready to move like silent wind.

Once he has it on, you’ll have your own personal sidekick to follow you on secret ninja missions.

You could gain great honor for your own name by wearing this Samurai Warrior costume! 

This ensemble includes a coat, sash, and wrist gauntlets that help you take your first Samurai steps while looking as historically accurate as we could get (while still maintaining a comfortable modern make). 

Wear your horned helmet to show the Oni out there that you mean business! Pick up a toy sword and you’re ready for a supernatural adventure.