Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men

Fun and sexy Halloween costumes for men are now on sale, sizes from small to XXX-large available.

This hellish look is all about red, red, red! 

The tight shorts are (you guessed it) bright red, with an attached devil’s tail. This tail is stuffed and bendable. Your shorts are probably not in danger of falling off, but the faux leather suspenders add another level of heat to the outfit. 

The satin cape attaches on the back of the suspenders, so you can wear or remove it with ease. Finally, the wee red horns are on separate clips, rather than a headband, so you can place them wherever you like in your hair.

Despite the troubles love can cause, you’ll be welcome wherever you go when you’re dressed in this Cupid costume. 

Which is nice cause this is a costume you’ll be able to wear again and again! 

The one-shouldered toga is dripping with gold ribbon and red hearts and has attached red wings on the back.

This look is comprised of 3 pieces you can accessorize at will. 

The red satin vest boasts front buttons and an intricate pattern, while the hotpants-style shorts feature matching red stitching. And whether you’re a vampire who’s out for blood or looking to boogie, you’re going to need a cape. 

This one has a stand-up collar and an attached studded ring harness that crisscrosses your chest.

This Nomadic Horse Warrior Costume features a midsection harness, pants with an attached loincloth, a pair of gauntlets, and a chain belt. 

The detailed harness features faux leather pieces attached together and featuring decorative faux rawhide stitches. The pants have an attached faux fur loincloth, and a metal chain with medallions goes on top. 

It also comes with faux suede gauntlets, the gauntlets feature faux leather strips.

We’ve stripped this captain’s look down to the bare essentials: a vest, hotpants, bandana, sash, and belt. 

None of those puffy shirts or practical pants here. 

The vest’s paisley design and fringe accents give this pirate costume swagger, and the included plastic sword will add to your authenticity, though it won’t keep Ol’ Willie McGee at bay, so keep a lookout!

This look is bound to send at least one person into cardiac arrest, but it’s the price you pay for looking great on Halloween! 

It’s a smokin’ jumpsuit with a mesh top that’s completely transparent except on the capped sleeves, upper back panel, and hot pants. The torso snaps open along a red strip from the collar to the base, and the black gloves complete the ensemble. 

Pick up a few “nurse-themed” accessories, like a syringe, stethoscope, or cap and you’ll prove the antidote to a boring Halloween party.

This Men’s Sexy Jester Costume isn’t exactly proper, but that needn’t stop you from having a great time in it! 

The black and red style is flattering and cool looking, while the zippered, hooded top includes the built-in jester’s hat that would make even the most jaded hatmaker cry! 

You will love showing off your hard-earned skills when you wear this costume to the next court!

Be powerful in this Men’s Medieval Warrior Armor. 

The faux leather armor will make it look like you can take on anyone. But don’t forget to also get a sword, just in case someone actually does try to take the title of Khan away from you. However, they would only do that if you aren’t keeping the promise of every Khan to them. 

If you haven’t taken on new lands, met new women, and most importantly if you haven’t gotten them more horses. Just keep your promises, and you will keep your title.

Styled as a pants and jacket combination, it features a gold metallic finish on both the top and bottoms. 

The jacket actually buttons up, so you can wear it with a super fly wide collar button-up, or just bare your chest for all the other disco players to envy. (That would be SO 70s!) 

Finish your retro style with a thick gold chain, a long-haired wig, and white platform shoes. You’re going to be the most stunning disco bachelor to ever hit the scene.

Our answer for a western Halloween costume is this Men’s Sexy Cowboy Costume. 

The crotchless chaps are perfect for protecting your outer leg from abrasions, while the mesh sleeveless shirt is cool and flattering. The outfit even comes with an authentic-looking bandana and hat, so you city slickers can get in on the action, too!

If you are looking for the perfect sexy cowboy costume, then there is no better ranch style in the whole frontier! This costume will convince everyone that you are a rootin’, tootin’ cowboy, ain’t no doubt about it.