Infant Monster Costumes

Fun and scary infant monster costumes for Halloween are now on sale.

This Abominable SnowBaby Infant Costume is what we came home with. 

It is the most adorable thing we found on our journey, and it will keep any little SnowBaby warm. It’s blue fur will keep your little munchkin fully covered as the October wind chills you to the bones. 

And you’ll be happy for the footies on this suit because it means your baby can’t take their shoes off every five seconds!

This Child Snow Monster Costume will be perfect for Halloween! 

This tunic comes with an attached hood as well as a pair of shoe covers with cute little claws. In order to complete this abominable new look, make sure to grab a white long sleeve as well as a pair of white tights. 

When you’re little one is running around town in this all white disguise, he’ll stand out more than the rest of the creepy crawlers trying to hide in the shadows.

Now your little one has the chance to change the narrative and embrace monsters with this cozy and fuzzy Infant Lil Monster Costume! 

Zip your little monster up and we guarantee they’ll be providing laughs, not screams, all night long. 

Well, maybe a few screams, they are a baby, after all.

The Infant Monster Boo Costume that is now looking for the perfect home. 

This velvety one-piece jumpsuit has the iconic look from the Frankenstein Monster along with the fuzzy haired 3D bolted green hoodie and all fits perfectly thanks to the futuristic wonder of Hook and Loop fastener. 

We can promise no torches and pitchforks for this adorable wonder, but it’ll still gather mobs of folks wanting to pinch a few cheeks!

This adorable ensemble includes a furry little jumpsuit, hood, the cutest striped horns, googly eyes and booties all made of soft 100% polyester fleece. 

We know that great things often come in small packages, so of course this Infant Pink Mini Monster Costume is perfect! Plus, it’s pink, yellow, and polka dotted so she’s sure to love wearing it as much as you will watching her crawl around in it. 

It’s a great way to channel your little lady’s blooming personality!

This is a Made By Us jumper that features ombre tones from pink to purple all in a plushy fabric that feels great to you both. 

The costume fastens with hook and loops in the back and features snaps at the inseam for easy changing. The hood is oversized and detailed with three big, round eyes and soft horns. 

The booties and sewn-on mitts have pads that match the tummy so the costume will hold up during your monster’s crawling adventures, too. (If, of course, you can resist just hugging them the whole day.)

We shudder to think of the brutal carnage that awaits anyone foolish enough to linger in the creature’s path.

Oh wait. We were looking at a different outfit! This Infant Pinky Winky Costume is pretty much the opposite of what we were just saying. Awww! It’s even got a little bow tie. You know, we don’t usually think that there’s a right choice when it comes to two great costumes. 

But when it’s down to a terrible beast who’s going to rain molten fury upon the countryside or a docile Pinky Winky, we’d suggest erring on the side of cuteness!