Stranger Things Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes from the Netflix show Stranger Things.

We can’t bestow you with a full set of teeth or impart a sense of goodness, but we can hook you up with Dustin’s brunette curls, thanks to this Waupaca Stranger Things Dustin wig. You’ll be one step closer to achieving Dustin’s undeniable cuteness. 

This is an officially licensed accessory, the white and red trucker hat is attached to a synthetic curly wig. The interior features a stretchy elastic mesh cape, able to expand, fitting all adult-sized heads.

Whether chilling in your cabin or dressing up for your big date with Joyce, this Stranger Things Hawaiian Shirt is the best way to showcase your relaxed style! 

It’s officially licensed from Stranger Things Season 3 and includes a simple Hawaiian Shirt with a badge. The shirt is a short-sleeved, button-up style shirt with a pink and grey pattern like the one worn by Jim Hopper during his (attempted) date with Joyce. Just pair it up with your best pair of jeans and find a snazzy sport coat in your closet to get ready for a pleasant evening at Enzo’s!

This costume is actually quite simple compared to the complex show it is derived from. 

It is just a shirt and hat combination. They are both made up of 100 percent polyester. The shirt has printed graphics that match the work uniform that Robin and Steve wear at the local Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop. 

The nametag reads Robin and is printed on the left side of the shirt. There is an ice cream cone badge on the opposite side. Her hat will match that of a sailor’s hat and has “AHOY” printed across the front in a fancy blue font.

Printed with all the costume details from the ice cream cone on the sleeve to the nautical collar, to Steve’s name tag on the chest. Topped off with the company regulation sailor’s cap, this costume is instantly recognizable by fans of the show. 

Do you have a group of kids that are getting together this Halloween? A Stranger Things group costume can come together with perfection when you add all the kid’s from the AV Club, Lucas’s sister, Erica, as well as Robin. You could even escort your kiddos around the neighborhood as the Demagorgen if you so choose.

The officially licensed Stranger Things costume comes with a printed jumpsuit that fastens together via Hook and Loop fastener tabs. A protruding rib cage covering the top portion of the body creates a cool 3D effect while the glove accessories recreate the monster’s long spear-like fingers. Shoe covers feature elastic straps match the costume and can fit over all-sized feet. 

Finally, the headpiece is stretchy and easily slips over the head. It also features a mesh lookout hole and the intimidating petals, of course. The petals stay puffed out for a supremely scary look all the time. From Pollywog to Demo-Dog… To Demogorgon!

Get ready to test your luck with this Stranger Things Robin’s Scoops Ahoy Adult Costume. 

You’ll have the perfect disguise for setting up your own spy-chatter interpreting ring with the simple 2-piece costume. the pullover t-shirt is printed to look just like Robin’s Scoops Ahoy uniform, with a stripped body, peter-pan collar, vest, and nametag. 

When you have to check the ice cream counter to keep up appearances the sailor hat will be ready to happily greet any customer with “Ahoy” printed on the front.

While you’ll have to provide your own ice cream scoop, this costume will bring Steve’s humble ice cream uniform to your door. 

Everything from the nautical collar to the ice cream cone on the sleeve to Steve’s nametag is printed on the shirt. According to company policy, this costume is topped off with the “Ahoy” cap. 

Though, if you want to take it off to flaunt your best asset while trying to flip Robin’s scoreboard, we’ll look the other way.

This officially licensed wallet brings those 80s VHS tape vibes to your wardrobe! The wallet has a faux leather shell that evokes the image of a classic VHS tape case. The interior has a faux tape design and even comes with a slot for your mobile device. 

It also has various card slots, perfect for your credit cards and your I.D. cards. The snap button closure means that it’s easy to access your cards and cash and the zipper pocket on the exterior adds even more space to store your necessities! 

It’s perfect for any fan of Stranger Things!

Stranger Things Season 4 costumes will soon be available. 

You can Pre-Order now or wait for their release. But hurry, we expect these costumes to be BIG SELLERS and sell out quickly.