Witch Halloween Costumes For Adults, Teens and Kids

Beautiful and scary witch costumes for women and kids for Halloween are on sale.

We have one grand look available that, shockingly, none have taken advantage of yet: the Heartless Witch Adult costume. 

None dare question the power she possesses as is evidenced by the laced up bodice, the iconic black conical hat, the mysterious black cape, and the black fabric pouch which contains your secretive magical components. 

Win the title of the Witch Supreme this year with this classical, yet uniquely powerful look!

This costume goes further back in time, blending old fashions with modern ones in its tunic style. 

The front of the dress features decorative skull buttons and printed embroidery. Long black sleeves give way to draping white lace down the hands. A school crest sits just below a wide lace collar. 

The extra dramatic hat is part of the costume, too!

You’ll be ready to cast some spells. . . or simply order a pumpkin spice latte with class when you’re wearing this comfortable t-shirt dress with cold shoulder details. 

The front flaunts a printed logo with a sassy witch on a broomstick and words that proudly proclaim the title of “Basic Witch”. 

Who wants to choose to be good or bad when you can be a beautifully basic witch!

This classic, sleek conical hat stands out with any witch’s ensemble! 

The satin texture is accented with purple and black faux feathers, silky black roses, and dramatically long netting spotted with little spiders. 

Top off your magical costume with this sophisticated yet classic costume accessory and you’ll be ready to charm any costumed event you arrive at!

You need this fabulous Black Magic Mistress costume. 

This fantastic dress has a shining glitter overlay on the sleeves and skirt that simply scream that you have some serious magic mojo. The sequined belt only augments the sparkling power you’re charming and the iconic witch’s hat holds its shape as if by voodoo practices, also augmented aesthetically with a sequined ribbon. 

The Witch’s Ball better beware, because the black magic is brewing this year and the title of Witch Supreme is yours for sure!

This girls black witch costume will have all of the neighbors wrapped around her little wand this Halloween. 

The costume comes with a black dress that is styled with alternating rows of different colored black stripes. The sleeves of the dress add a unique touch as they are very wide and have ruffles adorning the ends. No well-meaning witch can possibly go about her mystical business without a witch’s hat, so this costume comes with a wire-rimmed pointy witch hat to complete the look. 

Add some black tights and shoes and maybe some witch makeup to make it a truly magical Halloween for your little witch.

This Cauldron Witch Costume for Toddlers shows that your kiddo is an “it” witch, indeed. 

She knows all the new magic and is ready to take the world by storm. Notice how this look is grounded not in a black, oversized dress, but rather an orange striped jumpsuit? Very modern. The purple shoes and matching hat make an even bolder statement, this little witch isn’t afraid of a little color in her wardrobe. 

Meanwhile, the ride-in cauldron allows her to take her work with her wherever she goes, not to mention transport her to any other moment in time and space! Now tell us that isn’t better than zipping around on a wooden broom!

The classic witch theme of this ensemble is enlivened by pretty purple accents, so she can be ready for all kinds of double, double toil and trouble…, but in style. 

The pointy black hat even has a little bling, as does the sparkly belt buckle.

Want to some of that lovely, witchy energy in your life? There’s no need to invest in that cast iron cauldron quite yet! 

Try on this fashionable witch costume for a night and see how you like it. The costume features a velvet-textured top that has just the right balance of Salem and style. 

The outfit is really made by the awesome green cape with it’s ragged hemline and mossy gauze exterior.

Cast your spells in this spectacular Darling Spellcaster Witch costume. 

The back zippered polyester dress has a gossamer velvet collar and a sophisticated organza sheer in front. 

Glittered puffy sleeves have give you a sort of Good Witch of the North appearance that contrasts well with the more conventional Western color and styling while the faux leather belt keeps your mortal upbringing and conservative feet firmly on the ground.