Skeleton Halloween Decorations

Create a scary Halloween scene with these skeleton decorations now on sale for Halloween.

We’ll cross our fingers you don’t find any bones you’re not anticipating. 

You’ll be happy to see this set of bones in your entryway, though. This Howling Bonez Animated Dog Skeleton’s head rotates, its jaw opens and closes, and its tail bends however you prefer. It does require batteries, but we don’t think that’s too much maintenance compared to most dogs.

It is one thing when the pups run out to the backyard, dig up holes, and bury their favorite bones for a future expedition.

Conjure up the most delightful and creepy creature in the whole of spooky literature when you get this Creepy Raven Skeleton prop. 

This little bird can perch on your mantel, over a clock, or even hover over your doorway to stare at folks with its deep and empty eyes. Plus, just look at how cute this thing is! 

The blend of adorable and horrifying is where true Halloween bliss lives… for ever more!

This 12-Inch Light-Up Skeleton Octopus will help you bring the spookiness from under the sea into your home! 

It has eight legs, black eyes, and an ominous bluish glow that will really let the creepiness shine. 

You’ll enjoy displaying this unique skeleton creature at Halloween year after year!

This spooky realistic skeleton makes a great decoration. 

It’s a stellar conversation starter at parties too! Just whip out this bad boy and say “Here: this should give you a good idea of what a vulture skeleton looks like!”

You’ll be the belle of the ball!

Whether you’re trying to channel the spirits or simply create a spooky scene, this 20-inch Hanging Skulls decoration might be just what you’re looking for. 

Use the twine loop to hang it from a hook or nail and the tattered look of rope will set the scene. 

Two small and one medium-sized skull are connected to give it the look of a couple of shrunken heads in addition to the scary skull decor!

Whatever your Halloween theme might be, this hanging skeleton is a staple that you can bring out year after year. 

Make it spooky with a layer of spider webs or make it cheerful with a lei and a tiny Hawaiin shirt. 

Hey, it’s Halloween. You be you. Party with your new freaky friend how ever you see fit!

Don’t worry your head figuring out how to make Halloween huge. Just add this Giant Skull decoration to your lawn instead! 

This molded skull is painted to feature a worn look and deep, sunken sockets. It also measures over 17 inches, so you know you’ll be showing off a feature creature every year! 

Add some of our Giant Hand Stakes and you can make it look like a giant was buried just a bit too shallowly in your yard.

Deck out your den and give your home a splash of… color? Okay, maybe this Flamingo Skeleton hasn’t had the greatest diet lately and has lost some of its luster but its skeletal form and balance are on point! 

You can spike this 34-inch Halloween decoration in your lawn thanks to the ground stakes under its extended foot and everyone else can stare into the vacant eyes of this quizzical creature. In fact, gather up a few of them for a full-blown flamboyance of skeletal friends!

Stare into the spooky soul of a skeleton when you bring this Light Up Skeleton decoration home. 

This Halloween decoration stands at 5 feet tall and is made of articulating molded plastic bones! Position the upper portion of the skeleton how you like… but make sure you are wary of the gleaming blue glow within its eyes. 

We’re sure the soul of the season will be ready to spook all of your guests.

It’s time to give this Sitting Puppy Skeleton decoration a new home and you’re the perfect candidate. 

This molded skeleton decoration is in the adorable form of a dog with a perky tail and curious skull head. 

We’re not quite sure how this puppy managed to keep its ears and cute little nose in its afterlife form, but it seems to make even those dark eye sockets capable of giving some serious puppy-dog eyes!

This simple decoration (which we’ve taken to calling “Frank”) helps add a dungeon-esque quality to your home. 

It comes with a molded plastic skeleton and a pair of shackles around his wrists. You can hang him up in your basement to scare unsuspecting guests or you can sit him on your couch to hang with you during your next movie marathon. 

Either way, he’s happy to hang out in your home to avoid his current predicament!