Couple’s Costumes

Our best selling couple's Halloween costumes.

Together you two can unlock a world of joy for one another! So grab this couples’ costume and don’t be afraid to be that lovey-dovey couple that everyone says makes them sick. After all, the world could always use a bit more love! 

This costume comes with both lock and key to complete your couples costume. The black tank dress with a lock applique on it is designed to fit sizes 4 to 10. 

It has drawstring ties in the back to help with fitting. The key is a foam piece that fits around your neck and hangs down in front.

You’ll get two costumes in one when you order this Couple’s Avocado Costume. The tunics are simple to through on, slipping over your head with ease. 

The lightweight material is dark green on the outside and a delicious-looking green on the inside. There’s a nut in the middle of one and a printed divet on the other. 

Lightweight and simple, these costumes can be used year after year because now that people have gotten a taste of avocado fun, it’s not going anywhere.

You and your sweetie will look good enough to eat in this Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume for Couples! 

The costume set includes a tunic shaped like an open box of spaghetti with printed pasta graphics around the neck opening. The blue tunic front reads “Spaghetti: Enriched Macaroni Product” and lets you know that this fancy pasta has been made in Italy since 1952. The matching white apron ties around the back of the waist and has two of the largest balls you’ve ever seen – meatballs, that is! 

They are printed to look like they’re made of delicious ground meat seasoned with fresh parsley and drenched in tomato sauce. Each one has an opening on the bottom to stuff them with the included inflatable balls. Mangia, Mangia!

Play the game together when you wear this hilarious Pickleball Paddle and Ball Couples Costume for Adults! 

The set includes two polyester pullover tunics with holes for the head and arms. One tunic is shaped like a paddle and printed with a pickleball graphic that shows a pickle holding a striped paddle. The other tunic has a round shape and is printed like a pickleball ball. 

Game On! You and your sweetheart will be serving up an awesome look at your next party!

This Couple’s Tequila Bottle and Lime Slice Costume is the perfect way to pair up with your partner on Halloween night. It’s a funny, easy-to-love, easy-to-wear duo that will get the party ramped up the moment you both arrive. 

This costume pair comes as two simple tunics you can wear over your own clothes (we suggest an all-black base for coordination) for comfort and ease. One tunic is shaped like a tequila bottle and printed to look just like one (“top shelf,” of course, only the best for you two), and the other is shaped and printed like a green lime slice. You simply can’t enjoy one without the other!

This Adult Chips and Salsa Couple’s Costume is a great option for any two people, whether you’re partners, siblings or friends. It’s especially fitting if one of you is salty and the other is spicy! 

These two tunics fit over your own clothes, so you can be comfortable whether it’s snowing or sweltering. 

Spice up any Halloween party with this entertaining couple’s costume!

This matching look is not only sweet and funny, but it is also an incredibly easy couple costume to pull off (we can’t say that for all the dual looks out there!). 

Coordinate your own clothes on the bottom, and then just slip on these two headpieces for a complete costume that says a lot about your paired success. 

Each piece is shaped and printed with photorealistic details to make you look like modern-day earbuds.

The tunic and halter top each have foam front panels with printed graphics that make your pair obvious to the rest of the costumed occasion. 

You and your special someone can wear these polyester and foam costumes to show everyone how perfectly you go together! 

Or, you can wear them to an auto mechanics convention with lost looks on your faces and see how many awkward looks you can get from people. If that sounds like fun, then you two really are made for each other!

The peanut butter and jelly of these costumes look so real that you’ll make your party guests hungry for a quick sandwich. 

Distract them from them hunger pangs by asking them how they like to make their signature sandwich. Everyone has a unique style, like a PB & J fingerprint–from crustless, to double-layered peanut butter, to wheat bread or white! We like our with homemade jam and crunchy peanut butter, but there’s really no wrong way to assemble America’s favorite sandwich. 

So go grab your special someone and a pair of basic black pants and shoes.

Create a quick and inexpensive couples costume with this Mr. and Mrs. Potato head kit! 

The set includes a Mr. Potato Head hat, Mrs. Potato Head hat, and two eye stickers, two nose stickers, a teeth sticker, lips sticker, and a mustache sticker. The self-adhesive felt stickers have a peel-off backing for easy use. 

Mr. Potato head has a green polyfoam baseball cap while Mrs. Potato Head has a yellow polyfoam visor with white fabric flowers. Use them to decorate a plain T-shirt to create your own funny Halloween costume.