Zombie Halloween Costumes & Masks

Zombie Halloween costumes and masks for adults and kids that will scare people are now on sale.

This freaky full body costume lets you look like a reanimated corpse without all the gross stuff. 

The shirt and pants look like tattered clothes with exposed bones and organs attached, which go perfectly with the gruesome gloves and zombie mask. 

You may not like the undead apocalypse as a human, but in this costume, you can at least enjoy it as a zombie!

You can dress up just like Lester in the Captain Lester Mask. This bloody mask is molded with latex and has painted on details. 

There are openings for the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, along with a slit in the back of the neck. 

Emulate a hero turned enemy in the Captain Lester Mask. But, don’t worry he still has some of his charms.

Take a look at this Girl’s Living Dead Costume! 

We think it will be perfect for your little girl to blend in with the rest of the horde.

This ensemble is super easy to assemble. It’s literally as easy as 1,2… and that’s it, there’s no 3! 

She just needs to toss on the tattered black and gray dress and then she can complete this haunting transformation with the included torn up tights.

Help your child become the scariest monster in the neighborhood this year by dressing him up in this Zombie Doctor Costume. 

Everyone will be terrified when even an apple a day won’t keep this doctor away! This Child Zombie Doctor Costume will transform your youngster into a fun and, rather, original creature of the night. 

Sure, just about anyone can dress up as a rotting corpse and walk around the block but your little one doesn’t need to follow the rest of the horde.

Your child will join the hoards of walkers and you can complete her ensemble with this child zombie girl costume. 

The dark, tattered and worn dress is perfect for almost bringing her brain eating fantasies to life. Now the question is, what should we call your little wandering biter? Zomblet? Zombling? Crawler? Nibbler?

Ah, the beloved zombie. The good ‘ol, lame-brain monster that forces our heroes to hunt and gather by day, then shack up and defend their supplies at night.

Once your little one tosses on this five-piece costume, he will be transformed into a terrifying ghoul that no one will want to mess with. 

The decayed body parts that are sewn into the top and the pants of this costume have gruesome details. The mask holds a detailed expression of both anguish and anger. The zombified gloves ensure that the sight of living flesh doesn’t break this ghoulish illusion. 

Your child will look like the tragic victim of a zombie breakout, but no one’s going to be crying for him, they will be too busy running in the opposite direction!

We think you’d be a shoe-in for Prom Queen in this zombie costume. 

Just put on this woman’s Drop Dead Prom Queen Costume. 

Note the fancy blue sequined dress? And how it’s shredded and covered in stains? Other zombies really like that. They can tell you work hard to get what you want (brains), and that you know how to look good while doing it. 

This outfit even comes with stained gloves, a “Drop Dead Gorgeous” sash, and a tiara/knife headband!

This mask has a horrific look that will probably give you a case of nightmares for many weeks to come. 

You see, this mask is molded to look like something out of a zombie’s nightmare. It has realistic looking skin, and a large, gaping mouth with gruesome looking teeth. 

Of course, blood spatter paint is covering his face and mouth, and the eyes well, those are dark and soulless like a fiend from the fiery pits of hell. 

It’s pretty much the most grotesque thing we’ve ever laid eyes on.

This woman’s zombie costume makes sure you can have your big day, even if you kick the bucket before you meet the man of your dreams! 

It comes with a classic bride look, mixed with a little bit of zombie decay for good measure. (Costume may not actually turn you into a living dead creature).

You probably won’t be expected to do any chores in this costume (that we know of), but you may still be expected to behave like a gentleman zombie. 

Be sure to add your own trousers to this tattered, blood spattered jacket, button up shirt, and tie, and apply plenty of grisly zombie makeup. 

To make an adorable undead couples costume, pair up with your sweetheart wearing a Zombie Housewife Costume.

The classic teacher ensemble comes in one piece as a pull-over dress. 

The plaid skirt is detailed with a gnarly tear while the blouse is splattered in blood. It’s belted with faux patent leather that fastens in the back with a hook and loop fastener. The plaid tie secures in the same way. 

Comfortable elastic on the waistband makes it easy for you to move around like an undead monster!