5 Favorite Superhero Halloween Costumes For Boys

We've narrowed down our favorite Superhero Halloween costumes to these five and they're on sale.

Of all the powers in the Marvel universe, the power to look awesome in a sweet costume is probably the most achievable when you wear this Marvel Deluxe Miles Morales Spider-Man Toddler Costume. 

The built-in muscles and awesome details will have everyone wanting pictures of that menace, Spiderman. The black and red look amazing with the webwork design. Your toddler will love running around the city fighting fearsome foes in this costume!

This Thor costume from Avengers: Endgame is the officially licensed look that our favorite hero sports in the biggest battle of his days. 

The cloak, the armor, and even the hulking muscles are all included!

This faster than light guy has taken on bad guys such as the Trickster, Professor Zoom, and Captain Cold. 

But when he isn’t taking on his very own foes he is joining up with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League to help them on their quest of ridding the world of evil.

Suit your little guy up with this Child Deluxe Superman Costume and he can finally live our his tiny superhero dreams. 

With a padded chest and the signature royal blue and cherry red hues (not to mention the iconic “S” insignia), this classic costume may just strike your little man of steel with such awe that he becomes, at least momentarily, speechless!

Captain America Costume

Captain America never charges into the fray without his helmet and this Captain America costume comes with a mask for your child to wear. 

The mask has a giant “A” printed on the front and it also has openings for your child’s eyes. It all comes together for a classic Captain America style that your child will love wearing for costume parties and playtime.