Thor Marvel Movie Halloween Costumes

Thor movie Halloween costumes for men, boys and dogs are on sale.

It’s time to claim your power and save the world by gearing up in this officially licensed Grand Heritage Thor costume! This luxury Marvel costume is the whole ensemble, everything you’ll need to feel like the god of thunder, himself. 

The comfy shirt has a lattice look and the tunic has padding to bulk up your godly muscles and vinyl medallions to accent everything else. Elastic waistband pants feature straps under the soles for a secure fit and boot tops let you wear your own shoes while still pulling off the Asgardian look.

The cape is bright red with shoulder guards and vinyl medallions, and the molded plastic helmet features perfect comic-style wings on the side. Fit the synthetic wig on for your golden locks and, finally, brandish the Mjolnir hammer to the sky to call out your name: Thor!God of Hammers!

This Deluxe Classic Thor Costume for kids captures the look of Thor’s outfit from the MCU!

This kid’s costume is officially licensed from Marvel and is designed to make your child look just like Thor! 

The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms. It also has printed details on the exterior, like faux metal armor pieces and muscle definition, to help add to the realistic look. The wrists have gauntlets, to give your child a battle-ready look and the pants end in boot covers that fit over most pairs of shoes.

This Thor costume from Avengers: Endgame is the officially licensed look that our favorite hero sports in the biggest battle of his days. 

That’s why we know that your kiddo is going to love it. The cloak, the armor, and even the hulking muscles are all included!

Once your little Thor is decked out in this electrifying costume, he’ll be wanting to know when the flying and lightning bolts begin.

With this licensed Thor costume, you can take on the role of powerhouse of your costume group, since no Avenger can match his might.

If your dog be worthy (which he is), then it’s time to suit him up like the hero that he is! This Avengers Thor Pet Costume helps transform your pooch into the legendary superhero from Marvel comics. 

It comes with a shirt that fits over your doggie’s front legs. It has a pair of plush arms that dangle down in front and one of them even has a stuffed Mjolnir in its hand. The cape attaches to the back of the shirt and the headpiece really brings the whole look together.

In this Adult Thor Helmet you’ll be lookin’ mighty well, mighty. 

You’ll be ready to defend Midgard, put in your appearance with the Avengers and still have time to party with the Warriors Three.

In the Marvel comics, the bearer of the title “Thor” isn’t just Thor Odinson, the towheaded hunk of a thunder god.

With this mighty toy weapon in your hands, you’ll feel powerful enough to go toe to toe with Thanos! 

The Stormbreaker Axe is a replica of Thor’s weapon from the movie Avengers: Endgame. It’s made out of molded plastic, which has to be much lighter than the mystical material (probably uru) that the one in the movie is made out of. It features a “blade” on one end and a flat hammer end on the other. 

Pair it up with any of our Thor costumes and you’ll definitely be worthy!

Check out our Thor Molded Hammer.

While it won’t endow you with Thor’s awesome powers of flight (or his immense strength, for that matter), you will at least look incredibly powerful with this officially licensed model of the awe-inspiring Mjolnir. Not to mention it comes with a cool faux leather loop so you can spin your hammer around just like Thor would in the films.

Just be careful where you swing it, this hammer is made with hard plastic, and boy, does it pack a wallop!