Dog and Cat Costumes

Fun costumes for your dog and cat for Halloween parties and everyday fun are now on sale.

There’s not much else you can do but get your pup ready to lead the life of a bee. The world needs a few more anyway, and since your pup is so nice at least we know this pollinator won’t spook anyone it buzzes past. 

Especially in this Bumble Bee Dog Costume. Your pup will look as sweet as honey in the bright yellow and black striped bodysuit. 

The attached hood features antenna to really help them blend in with the other worker bees. And with their own set of transparent wings, they’ll be ready to fly from hive to hive and flower to flower.

If your canine is also a crime-fighting caped crusader, get him ready for his own adventures with this Classic Batman Pet Costume! 

Made of 100% polyester, the black Batman cape comes with two fabric ties, the grey polyfoam chest piece with the Batman logo ties together on the top and the bottom, and a yellow utility belt can be fastened with a black fabric tie. 

The costume even comes with pointed bat ears that tie around the head!

Let your doggie’s inner monster run free with this Deadly Doll Costume for your Pup! 

 This half coat and hood is a comfy fit for your pup and has the decorations of a delightful toy doll, except for that slightly suspicious knife he’s wielding. 

 We’re pretty sure that’s just to help you cut up the bacon bits, though!

Bring some furry fun to your next costume party with this Baby Shark Dog Costume. (It could also be used as a Dog Fish Costume, giving you two costume opportunities for the price of one!) 

The officially licensed costume is made from 100 percent polyester fabric and foam. The stuffed shark body has straps that go around your dog’s neck and abdomen, while the shark head opens up for your dog’s head to fit through. 

There are also cute graphics printed on the shark’s body, including a helpful “Baby shark” title so that everyone knows that Fido is truly in no danger.

Live out your monster movie fantasies when you transform your furry friend into the mighty Godzilla with this pet costume. 

Your dog’s feet step into the front of the coat and the hood fastens under their neck. 

Both have the scaly pattern of Godzilla’s hide as well as spiky spines along the back and the King of Monster’s eyes and teeth on top of your pup’s head.

One second you’re just taste testing some vegetable soup, the next you’ve tumbled over your curious companion and you’re cursing him from the linoleum floor.

So maybe your little canine comrade can’t topple the Empire, but he surely can topple you. And we think that’s close enough. 

Get him this adorable Ewok outfit and he’ll feel right at home every time he barks to defend the house, or “accidentally” knocks you to the ground.

This Pet Hot Dog Costume has got you (and your pooch) covered and in ketchup and mustard, no less. 

It’s a simple solution to your costume party woes, and it looks super-cute (and tasty) too. 

But just be warned, once your pup bounds down the stairs to greet the first guest, his costume may be all anyone can talk about.

This Llama Dog Costume is a cute look that’s perfect for any pet. 

The costume is a shirt-style outfit that fits over your dog’s front paws. It has colorful accents in front and along the sleeves. 

Finally, the costume comes with a white, faux fur hood that fits over your dog’s head. 

The top of the hood is shaped like a llama’s face! Once your dog has it on, you’ll definitely be feeling the llama love.

We like to see our lovable pets in weird outfits. Like a cat wearing a hat made of it’s own hair.

Well, we have this Lion Pet Costume. It will make your precious George into a wild lion. The kind that likes to have milk bones, and likes to snatch a tennis ball out of the air. 

He will be the cutest lion in on the plains (or in the neighborhood). Sure he may not like getting into it at first, but bribe him with treats like when you take him to the vet. Because who doesn’t want to see a dog as a lion? We do!

This adorable pet costume transforms your puppy into one tag-wagging cook! 

The costume comes with a black collar with a white drape that fits like a shirt over your dog’s front legs. The collar recreates the look of fancy chef coats. 

Of course, it also comes with a white, chef-style hat that fits on your dog’s head.