Sexy Women Superhero Halloween Costumes

Sexy women superhero Halloween costumes for adults in all sizes are now on sale.

Once you wield the magic of this bra-and-shorts combo, there’s no telling just how powerful you can become. 

The cape snaps right onto the top to give you the same ease and flexibility that your old superhero costume offered, but the metallic hues and hot silhouettes will have you feeling like you’re flying high the moment you get them on. 

We think you look too good to even fight crime today.

Lowly Robin, sure a great acrobat and crimefighter in his own right, but how can Robin hope to match Batman’s sexy appeal? 

With Robin’s own sexy appeal, that’s how! Yes, enough sidekick stuff. Now you can dress as Robin and be sexy at the same time, and isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Of course, it is.

This costume includes a metallic low cut red and green dress. Criminals won’t know what to do when they see you’re after them. They’ll stop and stare, of course, and they’ll know you’re official because of your yellow cape and green gauntlets.

Based on classic comic book heroes, this Captain USA Costume has a sexy style that will have you feeling confident enough to battle against the forces of evil, or to conquer the forces of a costume party! 

It has a form-fitting bodycon style and it’s sure to knock any kind of super villain off guard. You don’t even need super powers, or a tragic backstory to wear it! 

Just make that you practice all your one-liners and that you have a few super moves ready to take with you when you slip into this sexy outfit.

Our costume designers wanted to capture the retro style of Daphne’s iconic look. This women’s costume comes with a retro dress, headband, and a lively scarf to help recreate her totally 70s-inspired look from the cartoon series. 

The purple dress is pullover-style dress made out of a soft-knit material that stretches to fit. The scarf is constructed out of a lime green, stretch fabric, and can be tied around your neck. 

Finally, the lilac headband brings the whole look together! To get the complete look, be sure to add a wig and some leggings, if desired (both sold separately).

You can have the best of both worlds with this Women’s Power Rangers Deluxe Red Ranger Costume. 

The dress borrows elements from the original Red Ranger costume, including the red-and-white color scheme and white belt that has “Power Rangers” written on the buckle, while also letting you show off your feminine assets. (Surprisingly, that wasn’t a high priority for the original Rangers…) 

There are also red-and-white gloves and a Red Power Ranger helmet-inspired visor to cover your eyes and totally protect your identity. Throw on some authentic go-go boots and you’ll be good to go!

This sexy power princess costume is a tube top mini dress. 

There are gold accents on the bodice and waist, making this costume really pop. The red faux rubies are eye-catching and they give you that captivating superhero style. 

The winged headpiece is what really ties the ensemble together. It comfortably rests on your head while giving you a sleek and powerful look. 

Top this look off with gold arm bands, a sword, and some glittery gold boots. You’ll look like you’re ready to save the universe in style!

Unless you want to settle for anything but the best costume, you’re on the right web page. 

When you’re wearing this officially licensed Ghostbusters dress, hat, belt, and proton pack, you’ll be able to take on anything the underworld can throw at you including Zuul, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Vigo the Carpathian, the Statue of Liberty, or hordes of bitter internet trolls who are personally affronted by the casting of a Hollywood movie. 

What did they think would happen if women were Ghostbusters? Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together ” mass hysteria?

This signature women’s Cobra Kai costume is made right here in our costume studios, and we’ve partnered with Columbia Pictures to get the details just right. 

That means this costume is officially licensed, and it’s got the movie inspired look to let you become one of Sensei Kreese’s top karate champs.

Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO, SENSEI!

This women’s Spider-Man costume lets you dress up like Marvel’s number one wall-crawler! 

The costume comes with a spandex blend dress that’s the classic red and blue colors of Spidey’s signature costume. The front has spider web patterns along with a big black spider printed onto the front. The arms and skirt portion are a metallic blue and the skirt even has a thigh slit as a stylish touch. 

Of course, you’ll want to protect your secret identity, so this costume comes with an eye mask. That way you can protect your friends and family from Green Goblin’s nefarious plans, since he’ll never know who “Spider-Man” really is underneath the mask.

This Spider-Man costume dress will have you feeling ready to battle against any supervillain.

This women’s Joker costume fully recreates the Batman villain’s outfit in a style suited for any female villain looking to run amok in Gotham City. 

The costume comes with a purple pinstripe jacket with a matching pair of pants. The green shirt has a satin feel and the yellow vest adds a tricky pop of color. 

Of course, no Joker costume could be complete without a necktie, which this ensemble conveniently includes. 

It also comes with a pair of wrist-length gloves to add the finishing touch.