Minions Movie Halloween Costumes

The ever popular Minions Movie Halloween Costumes for adults and kids are on sale.

Never underestimate a Minion! They may look like living Twinkies and seem too adorable to be a threat, but as Vector, Eduardo Perez, Balthazar Bratt and Scarlett Overkill all discovered, the little overall-wearing cuties can cause massive amounts of destruction! 

This hilarious sweatshirt makes a great quick costume, but it’s also a fantastic way to bring some humor into your wardrobe.

All hail King Bob of England, first of his name, fairest of all minions, who aided Sir Kevin, and whose speech at Westminster Abbey shall never be forgotten. 

The oversized goggles and white rimmed eyeholes really help imagine that you are indeed Bob. The yellow shirt and blue overalls bring it all together in a palette of nostalgia that calls back to the simpler days of King Bob’s rule.

Heading to the local library, you always cause a stir with your giant single-eyed head and your tiny little legs.

Hanging out in the local park always earns you a lot of weird looks, which makes sense because you are so weird looking! 

This inflatable costume comes with an attached air blower that will fill the volume of the costume with comfortable, cooling air. The oversized torso with its film-accurate overalls and large eye are sure to impress any minion fan out there!

Slapping on this headpiece won’t make you a minion overnight, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The polyester cap will fit snugly over your noggin, to protect your human hair from any lasers and flamethrowers your minion team might be experimenting with.

Finding the right style to make your work life even more fun can be tough, but this Rubies Minion Toddler Costume gets a lot of great reviews from all the minions. 

They love how the yellow shirt and cap have all the details that make you look like one of them. 

From the mohawk to the goggles, you will feel like a minion.

Let your inner mischief-maker out to play in this officially licensed Adult Minion Dress Costume! 

The blue jumper ends at midthigh and features Gru’s signature decal on the chest, just like the Minions’ famous blue overalls (although this is even cuter than their uniforms!) 

Wear it over the long-sleeved yellow shirt and slip on the stocking cap.

Officially licensed Kids Inflatable Minion Costume! 

The inflatable jumpsuit fastens securely up the back and is designed to look just like the Despicable Me Minions right down to the thin blue legs, round yellow body, goggles, and happy expression. 

Printed graphics are designed to look like the Minions’ blue overalls complete with straps, buttons, pocket and Gru’s logo. Inflatable arms with black gloves give you the Minions’ three-fingered hands. 

The goggle-covered “eyes” are green and brown like Bob the Minion’s and they serve as viewing ports so that you can (sort of) see where you’re going. An attached fan keeps the suit inflated.