Fun and Scary Baby Costumes

Our most popular fun and scary baby costumes for Halloween are now on sale.

This adorable infant costume helps transform your child into the cutest spider around. 

The costume starts with a sleeveless romper that fits with simple fasteners in back. It’s made out of a soft, velour material and has a layer of fiberfill inside The leg openings have elastic and snaps, to give you easy access for quick diaper changes while in costume. The sides of the romper have attached, plush spider legs, because your little one can’t be an arachnid without a few too many legs! 

The legs are even posable, so you can customize the pose for all of your Halloween photos. The hood is shaped like a spider’s head and has soft-sculpted features. It fits with a chin strap under the neck. Once your child has it all on, they’ll be ready to give spiders a good name!

If your infant has shown any interest in becoming a legendary clown, then get them this Infant Clowning Around Costume. 

As long as they wear it, they are accruing applicable hours of experience that will be indispensable in their chosen career path (as long as it is being a clown). 

Besides, at least if they wear this outfit, no one will have to wonder why they are making all those funny faces, it will fit right in with the whole look!

Get your baby this Infant Crafty Little Witch Costume and she’ll be well on her way to being the cutest witch in the whole town!

This adorable getup comes with a dress that already has a built-in netting petticoat. The striped undershirt is also attached to the rest of the dress. 

To complete her new supernatural look all you need to do is add the included cute cone hat and, viola. Before you know it, your home will be as wild as Fantasia!

Dress your child up in this adorable infant color bones costume and everyone will start seeing the human skeleton in a new light! 

The costume is a baby jumpsuit that has blue, green, pink and orange colors printed on a black fabric. The headpiece even has a tiny green skull printed on it. 

It’s far too colorful to be scary! Just one look at your little one wearing it is a happy occasion!

This Pee Wee Pirate Costume is an adorable infant outfit that will turn your baby into the most fearless and most adorable scallywag to sail the seven seas! 

The costume combines white pirate-style shirt with a bright red vest to create a classic look perfect for your little first mate in training. 

Combine that with the skull and crossbones hat and your infant will be ready to join you in your quest to find some buried treasure.

Check out this amazing Mike Classic Infant Costume!

Your little monster can take on the identity of one of MU’s greatest students, Mike Wazowski. This tiny, charismatic, green, one-eyed monster was a student who had to go up against all odds while he attended classes at the university and he still overcame all his obstacles with flying colors. 

So we know that with your little one being as good of a scarer as he is already and with this Mike Costume, he’ll have no problem graduating at the top of his class!

We created this Infant Ketchup Bottle Costume came from simple logic. 

Everyone loves babies, and (almost) everyone loves ketchup, so we thought if we put the two together, we’d have an irresistible combination on our hands! Your little one will certainly look adorable in this soft costume. 

The jumpsuit features a printed logo on the front and leg snaps so you can address any leaks that might occur. The pointed hat is made to look like the top of a ketchup bottle, but please don’t squeeze too hard!

Let’s dig into this extremely adorable Grey Werewolf Costume for infants! 

It’ll transform your baby into an absolutely adorable version of your favorite fairytale creature, the werewolf. The costume comes with a soft jumpsuit that has plenty of grey faux fur and an attached plaid shirt on top. 

It also has little paw-shaped booties on their feet. It also has a hood with a sculpted wolf face on top, complete with fake teeth and a pair of furry wolf ears on top. 

Slip your little one into this furry suit and they’ll be ready to show the world their new werewolf look!

Get your baby dressed to match their Halloween-y persona with this Vampire Bat Costume for Infants. 

The one-piece ensemble quickly transforms your cutie into the sweetest creature of the night you’ve ever seen. Made from cuddly black Minky fabric, this exclusive jumpsuit will make your little one not only more huggable but will help keep them warm should you bring them out for trick-or-treating. Snap closure tape along the in-seam makes dressing and diaper access easy. 

Meanwhile, the attached hood with soft-sculpted ears, fangs, and embroidered facial features, give your little one the look of a hungry little bat. Completing the enchanting costume is a pair of shimmery wings stitched to the underarms and sides.

This Infant Drooly Dracula Swaddle is the perfect way to show everyone that you now have a little vampire of your own. 

He might not like it at first, confused about why he can’t move his brand new arms and legs. But, he will be safe and warm. 

Tucked in snug as a blood sucking bug in a rug. Only way cuter. And with less blood sucking. (Hopefully.) He will be building up his strength, because sooner than you think he will be crawling, then flying like a bat.

You don’t have to hurdle through all the issues of raising an actual vampire in order for your human child to look like a tiny count Dracula. Skip the drama and invest in this adorable Made by Us Count Dracula costume! 

It features a shirt and vest combination that secures with hook and loop fasteners up the back. The dramatic black cape is lined with red and has a classic vampire collar. 

Changing is easy with black pants that snap on the inseam so you don’t have to take any time out from Halloween festivities. With billowy sleeves, a bat bowtie, and a theatrical cape, your little one will look just like a vampire without having to live in one of those drafty Transylvanian castles.

The sock monkey has graced the homes of most every household, whether it was handmade or store bought since 1870, and have never gone out of style! 

In fact, we’re putting them even more into style! 

Just check out this super comfy looking Sock Monkey Infant Costume. It’s made of knit flannel fabric so it’s soft and warm for your own little bundle of joy during those chilly fall months when costume parties are all over the place! 

Just be sure to pack your bag with a few bananas, because this growing guy is always hungry for more!