Halloween Cowboy and Cowgirl Costumes

Cowboy and cowgirl Halloween costumes and accessories are now on sale.

Choose this Cowgirl Chaps Costume for her next adventure.

This western look will have you ready to experience life as a cowpoke. And with all the accessories that a bonafide wrangler would wear, you’re sure to look like an experienced cattlewoman, even if you’re still learning the ropes! 

Put the cowhide pattern vest on over the western shirt, tie the bandana as desired, and wear them with your favorite pair of jeans. Then just slip on the faux leather fringed chaps and top off the look with the felt Western hat.

When you’re dressed up as the rhinestone cowgirl you’ll feel connected to those times gone by. 

Going full cowgirl has a different effect on different people. Becoming the rhinestone cowgirl gives many people a sense of inflated ego. You’ll have the easy ability to say “Howdy” to anyone you meet and might feel confident about skills you may or may not have. Just don’t let it get to your head.

This Rodeo Cowgirl costume has a country-western vibe that your girl is going to love! 

The costume comes with a gingham style shirt that makes her look ready to hop on a horse for a ride through the canyon. The faux suede skirt has fringe along the bottom, since no cowgirl outfit would be complete with a splash of fringe. 

A decorative foam belt fits around the race and omits the need to rush out an buy a belt buckle. The finishing touch to this look is the white cowgirl hat.

This gorgeous look features a one-piece leotard with a ruffled peasant top that’s cinched in with a faux leather corset. 

The leotard is layered under buckskin colored chaps that are trimmed in fringe. 

A belt connects the chaps, making you look ready for whatever the wild west throws your way.

Are you going to put on this Adult Cowboy Costume, or whistle Dixie? 

You are going to put on the hat, the bandanna, and the long coat. 

You are the kind of brave that is sometimes mistaken for insane. And you are willing to stand up against any injustice that happens before your very eyes. You will stand in a duel. Hopefully you will be quicker than the other guy.

This costume has the whole shebang too from leather chaps to some sweet gloves and fringe. 

You think your child is ready to be the next sheriff in town? Only one way to find out. 

Some may call it a lonely life, but us cowboys have plenty of company on our travels. There’s the herds of cattle, our trusty dogs, and all the wildlife lookin’ out fer us. Yeah, that’s the life we love to live.

Your little guy will be ready to ramble to the rescue of his community (and look pretty darned cute while doing so) in this Toddler Cowboy Costume. 

Armed with these faux-hide, fringed, white-and-brown chaps and matching vest, he’s proving to be unstoppable out on the range. With the addition of this costume, you’re able to transform his everyday denim and white shirt into his ultimate fantasy!

Add the adjustable waistband, red bandana, his trusty cowboy hat, and he’s instantly got the kind of guts to take on any bandit.

This Halloween you can be the fastest gun in the west with this Adult Gunfighter Western Costume. 

You’ll have to be on the look out, because we hear there is a new sheriff in town, and that always spells trouble for outlaws. But don’t forget the threat of other gunslingers. 

There is always going to be some young buck who thinks they are faster than you. Who thinks they can take you out, claim your glory for their own. So, get ready to use those guns.

Your infant will be happy with this Wee Wrangler Cowboy costume. 

This polyester interlock knit flannel with felt and suede makes for a comfortable and adorable blue jumpsuit printed with a cowhide pattern for a vest. 

The soft blue jean pants have cowboy booties and convenient snaps for when your little hero needs a change and the tan felt cowboy hat finishes off the look and will have your kiddo cheering and looking for a pony.

When you’re gonna wear this here Western Gunman Cowboy Hat, you better be able to back it up, partner! 

And that means well, playing cards, and and drinking whiskey, for sure and well, probably just walking tough like a cowboy and talking about horses a lot.

Chaps do more than just look cool! They provide protection against thorns, cactuses, and prickly sagebrush. And vests not only gave cowboys a little protection from the chill air on the range, but also much needed pockets for jerky, tobacco, and other frontier comforts.

If you want to look like you work in the saddle and sleep in the canyons, it’s going to be a snap with the addition of these fine chaps and vest to your existing wardrobe. As soon as you get a 10-gallon hat you’ll be ready to giddyup go!

Don’t make the sheriffs and cowboys weep this Halloween, respect their ancestors. 

Dress the part. Go all the way. 

Get yourself a holster for that gun. Or, more accurately, git yourself a holster fer that gun, sonny. I assume that’s how a cowboy would say it, with a toothpick hanging out of one side of his mouth.