Halloween Animatronics and Decorations

Scary Halloween animatronics and decorations are on sale.

This Reaper figure will make a wonderful host for your Halloween display! He stands at an awesome 10 feet tall. 

Plug him in and his eyes will glow and blink. He moves his jaw and moves his head while repeating four different phrases that are on volume control to perfect it to your setting. Death has wide skeletal hands and a dramatic robe that flows around his eerie body. You can choose from three different activation modes: steady on, motion sensor, and the step here pad. 

Perfect for a wide variety of Halloween displays, the Reaper is sure to be a favorite prop for many Halloweens to come!

Place this Looming Clown Animated Archway Prop at your entrance and let your deranged circus theme captivate your guests. Because nothing is scarier than a clown who’s gone off the rails, and this one looks like it’s standing at the entrance of something truly terrifying. 

This prop stands 10 feet tall, with a metal base and fabric clown on top. The long arms and huge hands reach out to grab guests as the torso rocks side to side. 

But that’s not all, the clown’s eyes light up and he speaks 5 different phrases with a real moving mouth!

Have some fun thanks to this Hanging Light-Up Ghost decoration! 

This creepy haunt will hover wherever you place it thanks to the loop at the head. The look of a haunted shroud is created with tattered layers of cloth and a moaning ghastly face is created from molded plastic. 

Turn on the power to give your guests the fright of two glowing red eyes, too! This piece of Halloween decor will be legendary!

A Cackle a Day Keeps the Villagers Away!

This 36 inch Fortune Teller Witch Animated Prop is the perfect addition to your household decor. The crystal ball and eyes light up for a very spooky effect that will definitely scare anyone who comes too close. The raggedy green and black outfit goes perfectly with the mottled green skin and perfect hair, giving that perfectly wicked look. Neighbors and visitors alike will have a witching good time with this prop!

But that’s not all, the clown’s eyes light up and he speaks 5 different phrases with a real moving mouth!

This Talking Little Top Clown Animated Prop is such a perfect pick for your haunted Halloween party. 

It both looks and sounds scary, so your guests can feel that rush of spine-tingling fear on two levels. 

When activated, this 36-inch clown waves his arms back and forth, lights up his yellow eyes, and moves his decaying teeth and mouth to say some irksome phrases ” 4 of them, to be exact ” such as, “Step right up kiddies, we’ve got the craziest place in town right here! Aha-ha-ha…”

This witch prop is expertly designed with realistic details so that you can take your haunted house to the next level. 

Not all witches wear hats, and this 5-foot tall, scruffy-looking sorceress is actually one of the evilest, most powerful magic-makers in the land. 

As her glowing eyes, skeletal hands, irksome cackle, shaking body, and tattered clothes greet your guests, you can rest easy knowing you pulled off a haunted house makeover worthy of the season!

Rising to its full height in front of you is a 7-foot-tall monstrosity, wielding skulls in each hand, as if ready to bash them against your own for daring to enter its lair. 

Or perhaps perhaps it is simply waiting to take your skull and add it to the pile! 

Now this quality monster prop can be yours too. It’s kind of a numskull, but, although it is dead, it is enough to liven up any party!

Scare your Halloween visitors with this Animated Half Body Skeleton Decoration! 

It moves around, has glowing red eyes, and is super easy to set up. Literally, all you need to do is set it anywhere, flip a switch, and let this bonehead do its thing.

The only setback from this decoration is that it’s so spooky that you may accidentally scare away all your trick-or-treaters. But that just means more candy for you.

Visitors to your home are sure to love the light-up eyes, the glowing fire underneath the cauldron, and the three eerie sayings that come from the creature’s nodding head.

This animated ghoul has three settings to choose from. The motion activation setting allows the ghoul to move whenever anyone passes in front of him. The “on” option keeps the haunt stirring his cauldron and moving his head continuously. 

And the “off” setting only allows the prop to activate if someone steps on the included button pad.

This exclusive Giant Animated Scythe Reaper Prop to your collection. 

The Made By Us animatronic stands 9 feet tall and is well-equipped for laying to rest any debate over who’s the master of Halloween decorating. Staked into your yard, this towering specter is ready to frighten and delight. 

Pre-set animations include an opening and closing jaw and shaking head. Leave the included motion-sensor pad exposed for brave trick-or-treaters to intentionally trigger or hide its thin design amongst the grass to surprise nosey neighbors.