Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Our favorite Halloween inflatable costumes for adults and children are now on sale.

Let havoc loose when you climb into this Inflatable Adult T-Rex Costume. This unique and terrifying costume is an inflatable jumpsuit that has a zipper closure at front and elastic at the wrists and ankles to keep the air in and to keep you looking just like a T-Rex. 

Even though you are supposed to be a scary dinosaur, we wanted to make sure you could still see when you walk around this Halloween (or just down the street on a random Tuesday, we don’t judge), so there’s a clear vinyl port at the neck of the T-Rex so you can see your ‘dinner’ clearly. The fan that keeps you inflated, your costume, not your ego, requires four AA batteries that are not included with the costume (silly shipping regulations).

This child costume comes with a simple jumpsuit made out of windbreaker material. It fits with a zipper in the back and features elastic bands in the wrists and ankles to help keep the costume inflated. 

Of course, this costume comes with a handy fan, which is attached to the back of the jumpsuit. With the simple press of a button, the fan inflates the costume within a few minutes. When fully inflated, the costume creates the illusion that your child is being carried by one angry sumo wrestler! Their legs fit through the sumo wrestler’s “legs” while your child’s arms fit through the “arms” of the child being carried. 

The fan does require 4 AA batteries (not included) to operate, so make sure you grab a few from the local hardware store!

This child jet pack Pick Me Up costume is an inflatable costume that lets any kid look like a high-flier! 

It comes with a jumpsuit designed to look like a jet pack. The place for your child’s legs look like streams of flame coming out of the bottom of the pack. Blue legs dangle in front, which looks like your child’s legs. 

The costume self-inflates with an included motor that fits in a small pocket on the costume. It combines for a unique look that’s great for costume parties, trick or treating, or learning about jet packs.

You’ll be ready for anything, whether it’s a shift at the local burger joint or a day full of jellyfishing, with this SpongeBob SquarePants Inflatable Adult Costume. 

This inflatable costume looks just like the classic cartoon character and includes his square body, a white collared shirt, a red tie, brown pants, blue-and-red-striped socks and black shoes. 

Of course, it also features SpongeBob’s classic grin and yellow complexion, from his face to his arms and legs.

This inflatable costume does all of the hard work for you! It comes with its own fan and can keep itself inflated during an event. 

This figure is meant to be worn on the back, as if you are giving the president a piggy back ride. The inflated legs are attached to each other by the shoes, while the hands attach to each other as well. That way, the figure won’t fall off! 

You can accessorize this outfit by dressing up as another character, or just in general American finery (aka lots of red, white, and blue). The choice is all yours!

Don’t have your own kitty to twin with? Prance around like a Jellicle cat, be part of a Tiger King-themed group costume, or tell everyone you’re Garfield’s arch-nemesis Nermal, on your way to Abu Dhabi. 

Made of 100% polyester windbreak fabric, you’ll be comfortable and feel light as a cloud in this costume. It zips up the back, but there’s a pull tab on the inside so you can put on and take off this costume all by yourself. 

A fan at the left hip blows the costume up to a height of 8 feet (that’s nearly 2.5 meters!) The fan is battery powered (4 AA batteries, not included). It can also be charged with the included USB port.

This Monsters Inc. Sulley Inflatable Costume will help you transform into the extremely tall and stout character from the classic Disney Pixar film, so you’ll be ready to scare (or maybe cheer up) any child, just like in the movie.

This adult Sulley costume is officially licensed from Monsters Inc.! 

The costume comes with a bright turquoise jumpsuit that has printed fur and purple spots on the exterior. The head has Sulley’s smiling face printed right on the front. The suit itself is airtight to allow for inflation. The costume also comes with an attached fan, which is connected to a battery pack. Simply flip the switch and the costume will inflate in just a few minutes.

Zip into this inflatable jumpsuit and transform instantly into a cute and charming giraffe. 

We can honestly say that this is one of the only costumes where the profile view is even cuter than the front. Luckily, this inflatable look works from all angles, thanks to its clever design. 

You have a battery pack and fan inside the costume, as well as a see-through panel for your face to peek through. You’re looking awesome, from your ossicones (that’s the word for a giraffe’s “horns”) to your hooves! Welcome to the Zoo!

Your kid’s legs will create the horse’s front ones, while the hind legs inflate behind them to make for a lifelike (but surprisingly lightweight) full costume, complete with tail! 

This is one happy horse, just look at that smile; it’s almost as bright as the grin on your child’s face, which peeks from the cutout below. 

Move over Mr. Ed, this horse has something to say about how great life on the open plains really is!

This costume has everything necessary for your cartoony transformation. With only two easy steps, you’ll be ready to head out and enjoy the festivities wherever you are. 

Simply toss on the jumpsuit and blow it up. It’s that easy. The pair of inflatable shoes cover up your own, so don’t worry about your regular sized feet not matching the rest of your new ginormous body. 

Also, if you’re concerned about walking around blind, we’ve taken care of that issue. Your vision will be clear as day thanks to the see-through mouth.

This adult costume is the easiest way to transform yourself into the mythical creature! 

The costume is a simple polyester jumpsuit made of a windbreaker style material. It has a rainbow-colored tail, with matching accents on the feet, arms, and head. 

It fits with a zipper and has a small fan housed in the side. The elastic in the head, arms, and legs help create an airtight seal, so all you have to do is flip the switch for the fan and the costume will self-inflate in just a few minutes.

This puffy pooch zips up and inflates via and battery pack and fan that are built into the interior. 

Instantly, your little one is transformed into a friendly brown pooch with a collar and a tail. 

Sure, this costume is missing a pup’s cuddly fur, but did we mention you also don’t need to pick up after this inflatable canine?