Frightening Halloween Props

Take your Halloween decorations to the next level with our frightening Halloween props now on sale. Frightful and scary fun!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a black cat! This inflatable black cat is four feet long and looks like a fanged kitty with glowing eyes and body and a curled tail. It crouches in front of your house to scare away all intruders. 

The sharp teeth and pointy claws make it extra spooky. From time to time, it turns its head back and forth so that nothing can sneak past it. 

No things that go bump in the night will escape detection by this hunter!

Give your visitors an “out-of-body” experience this Halloween with a Decomposing Skeleton Halloween Prop! 

The latex-and-foam decoration is just over 5 feet tall for a hauntingly realistic feel and is flat-backed for easy display. The design looks like mouldering skin falling off of dusty bones. 

An unhinged jaw yawns widely – is it due to the ravages of time, or the victim’s last scream? Pose it in a coffin or stick it somewhere unexpected for a howling good time!

Hanging at over five and a half feet tall, this witch is sure to make an impression on your friends and neighbors. 

Sure, she might have eerie green skin and the hooked nose of yore, but that’s just to keep the haters out of her business. This powerful spell caster will light up your display with her glowing eyes and long, purple hair. 

Just be sure and show her the proper respect, those outstretched hands surely mean business!

Crows are the perfect Halloween bird! 

They’re as black as the night sky and as creepy as a stalker in the dark. Now, with this set of 9 inch Fright Night Crows, you can add these majestic and malevolent avians to your home this Halloween. They can help turn your home into the scariest haunted house in town. 

These realistic props will easily set up anywhere. Inside the house, outside the house, atop the house, in a tree, or on the ground.

We wanted to design a prop that would really add some fright to your Halloween display, so we came up with this Animated 5-Foot Headless Man Decoration! 

Technically, he still has his head in skull form, but it’s no longer attached to his neck. However, that doesn’t seem to stop him from talking! 

When activated, this prop’s eyes will glow, and his jaw will chatter as he delivers his creepy messages. We’re sure he’ll make a fine addition to your seasonal decor!

If you’d like to bring something slightly spooky that’s still easy to transport, you need look no further than this 5 foot Animated Light Up Grim Reaper Prop! 

This standing decoration is your classic skeleton, shrouded in a black mesh cloak. 

You may think that this little Death seems to hover in position and the glowing lights in his eyes will make folks wonder if it is as ghostly as it seems.

This bag of skulls is a Made By Us product, which means each and every skull was expertly crafted and has the fine details for a truly creepy product. 

Every crack, crevice, and cranny is subtly shaded for the most realistic effect possible. 

Each skull is 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. That means they fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. 

Fill a cauldron or jack-o-lantern with them, or hand them out as party favors.

This Climbing Dead decoration looks like a total creep, but he won’t actually try attacking you and he never tries to eat human flesh. 

He comes with a set of wire hooks so you can hang him wherever you want and he’ll just hang there obediently until you decide to move him.

Looking for a scary food mold? 

Why the heck not make it in the shape of a human brain? May as well provide anatomy lessons during snack time. See, kids, here’s the corpus callosum, which connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Here’s the frontal lobe, associated with motor function, pleasure, and reward. And here’s the temporal lobe, associated with memory, comprehension, and emotion we think Daddy has a small one of those.

You ain’t raising no scrubs! Get your little overachievers on the path to med-school as early as possible with this Brain Gelatin Mold.

Enjoy the horrified stares you receive when you use this Billie Bite Evil Puppet Halloween Prop! 

The puppet has a menacing expression and a bloodstained mouth – his grey uniform makes it clear that he has broken free from a facility to terrorize the town! 

A fake hand makes it appear that you are holding him by his hair, while a hole in the back of his head lets you use your hand to make the puppet move as though he is struggling to free himself to give you a nasty chomp!

A Face Only a Dog Mom Could Love!

We just love the adoring yellow eyes with their cute vertical pupils. We also can’t get enough of how he snuggles into our arms and we get to feel the cold, clammy skin and stringy hair against ours. 

The downside is that he is hard to walk, as the other neighborhood dogs don’t like him very much, but boy, he sure can defend himself well with those long, grimy claws! Our friend sure is jealous of our new dog.

The perfect highlight to your Halloween decor, once you buy this hanging light-up demon decoration, your yard is sure to get a reputation for spooky season mischief!

Whether you hang your reaper from your front porch or perch him up in the perfect stand of trees in sight of any approaching Halloween revelers, he’s sure to get a grand reception! 

And at the end of the season, storing this ghoul is a breeze. Good thing too, because you’re going to want to hang this unsettling spirit year after year.

If you’re ready to add some new characters to your Halloween scene, it’s time to consider adding some witches to the display. 

This Set of 3 Holding Hands Witches comes with three 4ft standing props. Each prop features a miniature witch dress with a globe for a head and a witch hat on top. 

Perhaps the coolest part about this piece is that each of the props features a different color for the globe head: green, blue, and red. And the sleeves tie together to make it look like they’re holding hands!

This set of Set of 3 Mummy Yoga Figurines will delight you to no end. It features a trio of super-bendy little mummies engaging in an enlightening practice of poses. Halloween, after all, has always had its fair share of spirits. 

So go ahead and breathe, set your intention, and prepare for highly relaxing Halloween party! This set of three fit and flexible little mummies is taking “yoga wear” to a whole new level, and while it seems a bit hot to practice all wrapped up like they are, it seems to be working for them. 

One is positioned in King Cobra pose, one in Shoulder Stand, and one in Downward Facing Dog for a trio of fun and memorable decorations to add to your Halloween collection.