Halloween Ghost Decorations

Create a scary room or yard with these Halloween ghost decorations now on sale.

Motion, sound, and lights come together to bring this horrific hanging ghost to life. 

When activated, this 3-foot phantom’s skeletal arms try to break out of its chains, it begins to emit the most tortured, haunting cries of agony and grief, and its eyes light up red (but you can’t see its face!). 

A tattered & stained white gauzy robe completes the piece for a most effective and unforgettable greeting for your guests.

Bring a spook-tacular vibe to your home with our exclusive Animated 5ft Ghost Decoration! 

A realistic skull with glowing red eyes is set on top of a suitably spectral body made of gauzy, shredded white-and-black fabric. 

Two skeletal hands wearing broken manacles both beckon and warn. Approach if you dare!

If you’d like to go your own with a ghoul with serious moves, look no further than this Animated Standing Ghoul! 

This is an exclusive Halloween decoration that puts a white-haired wight right in your home! Shrouded in layers of wide mesh cloth, it looks like it crawled right out of the crypt… but give it a little power and watch the animatronic aspects come to life! 

Gleaming eyes and a shaking head will have you shivering in your steps. Never before has a dance with the dead been quite so lively!

This six-foot-tall inflatable couldn’t be easier to set up with a three-part process. 

First, zip up the back to secure the light and the fan’s air. Plug the ghosts in to power the fan. Secure the ties down with stakes to make sure that your ghosties don’t blow away in the autumn wind. 

Glowing with LED light from the interior, these happy ghosts and jack-o-lanterns will set a silly, spooky tone to your decor this Halloween!

The cheerful spirit on this Ghost Figure Candy Bowl Holder isn’t out to spook your friends – he wants to offer them as much candy as they want! 

The foam figurine holding a clear plastic bowl has yellow eyes and a big, goofy smile. 

He’ll be the most popular ghoul at your Halloween celebrations this year!

This inflatable ghost is easy to inflate. 

Simply zip up the fabric, plug in the fan, and secure the ties with stakes to hold the ghost in its place. The monstrous expression on this ghost’s face is sure to send shivers through all the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. Lit from within by LED lights, this ghost will delight onlookers both day and night. 

Ghost in the Graveyard! If you’re putting together a graveyard in your neighborhood, you’re going to need a ghost or two! This 12-foot-tall fellow really packs a punch.

When you put this 5-Foot Inflatable Spooky Ghost Decoration in your yard, it’s sure to make a chill run down everyone’s spine. 

Its jagged mouth and angry, red eyes give it a menacing look, and the arms are posed so that it looks like it’s about to pounce! It inflates quickly with the built-in fan, and the uneven arm pieces will move eerily whenever there’s a breeze. 

You’ll love to put this spooky piece out year after year!

Give your ghoulish pal one more way to show how frighteningly helpful they can be with this Pumpkin Vendor Ghost decoration. 

This smiling spirit can’t wait to share a few choice jack-o-lanterns with you and the neighborhood. In fact, they’re ready to wheel them right to your front lawn in their black and orange wheelbarrow! 

Standing 6 feet tall when inflated, this happy fellow looks and moves just like your spirited friend as well.

We’re happy to help you out with your Spooky Hanging Ghost and ensure that they are at least bringing some clearly perceptible entertainment with their 7 foot tall mass of white mesh and smiling ghostly faces. 

Plan your outdoor decorations so we can turn your freak outs into hangouts in no time!