Toddler Deluxe Frog Costume

You are ribbiting! Kids are just weird, are we right? They leak all kinds of fluids. And the smells. What is with all the weird smells. You don’t remember giving them anything that would produce that kind of smell. And some of the sounds they make are really strange. It’s almost as if they are intentionally trying to freak us out.But no, look at those cute little faces. They couldn’t possibly be trying to torture us psychologically. They are so awesome. Because of them, we are allowed to play with blocks, and the like. We are able to play pretend again. And that’s not even mentioning the first time you show your little tike something new. It’s like you are a super magician, and you know everything.

Design & Details
One such magic moment was when you first showed your child a frog. They were so amazed by the little slimy, jumping creature. So, this Halloween put your child in this Toddler Deluxe Frog Costume, and show them a little more magic. The costume comes with a velour jumpsuit that comes with an attached crown on top. Your child will be ready to hop around in this adorable costume!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Toddler Deluxe Frog Costume

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