Toddler/Infant Hamburger Costume

The Weekly SpecialWelcome to your favorite diner! Your options today include a delicious take on a classic favorite. The burger in front of you will keep you up at night not with indigestion, but with questions as numerous as the sesame seeds on your bun, and with endless requests for “just one more story.” It’s smeared with ketchup and mustard, and resists your attempts to wipe it off. And it is as adorable as it is sassy. How many would you like? 

Product Details
No diner has ever come up with a special as cute as this Infant/Toddler Cheeseburger Costume! The soft sleeveless tunic tunic has a round shape and can be worn over lightweight street clothes. The front is made of soft brown fabric that is printed with sesame seed details. The sides are sewn with green, yellow and red fabric embellishments to resemble tomato rounds, cheese slices, and lettuce frills. It is gently stuffed with fiberfill to give it shape. Nothing Beats a Burger Your little one will look like the best menu item of all time this Halloween! It’s hard to believe that anything could get cuter than this, but wait until you see your walking burger chomping on its trick-or-treat candy, its delighted smile smeared with chocolate. Just to warn you, this burger does not come with sides. It’s more likely to eat any fries you order, drain your soft drink, and then ask you how many more minutes are left until snack time. 

Brand: Underwraps

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18/24MO

Color: Brown & Green & Red

Material: Polyester


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Toddler/Infant Hamburger Costume

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