The Gruffalo Kids Costume

One Mighty MouseYou know the story well. A little mouse takes a stroll through the forest, cleverly outwitting creatures who might eat him with tales of the fearsome Gruffalo. The mouse thinks he has made up the beast, but he is in for a surprise! When he comes across a real Gruffalo, our small protagonist has to think fast. Will he avoid being eaten? If your child is like many around the globe, you’ve read how the story ends dozens of times. Let your little one turn into the forest beast with this Kids The Gruffalo Costume!

Product Details
This sweet (but scary, of course! ) little costume comes in three parts. First there is the body, which is fashioned like a tunic for easy wear and removal. The back features little spines and a short tail, while some padding gives the tunic a rounded shape. The headpiece is separate and has the tusks and horns of the Gruffalo, as well as ears and orange eyes. The matching shoe covers mean that any shoe will work! Add a brown shirt and leggings for a warmer version of the costume.A Terrible BeastWhat kind of Gruffalo will your child be? Do they want to scare you? Or do they want you to act as the mouse? The choice is all your child’s! No matter what their demeanor, we know they will be delighted to play as a character from one of their favorite stories. Look out, woodland creatures”the Gruffalo has arrived!

Brand: Underwraps

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18/24mo

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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The Gruffalo Kids Costume