Spinach Can Toddler Costume

Wear Your GreensLet’s face it: Little kids aren’t always excited about eating their vegetables. They’d much rather put them to alternative uses, like creating a tiny forest scene with broccoli, mashing their cooked carrots all over their faces like watery paint, and firing their green peas at each other. Maybe playing with their food isn’t such a bad thing if it gets them interested in it. Wearing it might produce even better results!  

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Your child will prove that spinach is as adorable as it is healthful when he or she wears this exclusive Spinach Can Costume for Toddlers! The unisex outfit includes a soft polyester tunic that’s backed with foam to help it keep its cylindrical shape. Green shoulder straps are sewn to the back of the tunic and attach to the front with hook and loop fasteners. The tunic’s upper edge is sewn with leaf-shaped, foam-backed green fabric cutouts. The body of the tunic is printed with colorful stripes as well as the word “Spinach” in red capital letters. Candy Deficiency Wearing their vegetables is a slam-dunk strategy for collecting a lot of candy this Halloween! When your child rings a house’s doorbell and says “Trick or treat,”‘ the house’s occupants will probably be really impressed by her love of leafy greens. “Wow,” they’ll think. “This child certainly isn’t a picky eater! She deserves a reward! Maybe she should even have the entire bucket of candy! ” At least, that would be a pretty epic outcome. No matter what, she’ll get plenty of candy just for being the cutest spinach can in history. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Red & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Spinach Can Toddler Costume

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