Pretty Kitty Costume for Toddler’s

Miss Meow Cats have two separate modes. Sometimes they’re snuggly and playful. They like to curl up on the couch with you after a good snack and purr gently. They’re silly and know it, chasing their tails just to get you to laugh. And then there’s the other mode. The cat is more likely to hiss than to cuddle – probably because you didn’t give them the tuna (or the cookie) that they wanted. But that mode is ok, because the cat is smart and funny and very, very cute. 

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If your animal lover wants to dress as her favorite creature this year, this Toddler Pretty Kitty Costume will suit her perfectly! The knee-length dress has a black top printed with white fur details. Puffed sleeves and fingerless gloves backed with fur add sweet embellishments. A wide pink ribbon is sewn around the waistline, and the dark underskirt is topped with a black and pink ombre mesh layer. A tail is sewn to the seat, and a headband decorated with faux fur cat ears finishes the look. All Fluff and Attitude Is your little girl’s spirit animal a cat? Here’s a few key ways to tell. She might be very good at moving faster than you can keep an eye on her: One moment she’s coloring at the kitchen table, and the next minute she’s trying to see if she can fly by jumping off the toy box. She might also love to put together her own outfits, and she’s as particular about it as a cat is about cleaning itself. And she might like to shove things off of desks. That’s a very clear sign.  

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: As Shown

Material: Polyester


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Pretty Kitty Costume for Toddler’s

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