Pinafore Clown Costume for Toddlers

Start the Show! Your kiddo is a born performer. They might enjoy singing their favorite songs for you. Maybe they’re always making up their own plays and showcasing them for the family. Or perhaps their style of entertainment is more humorous, with slapstick comedy routines or jokes that sometimes make sense. If your kiddo loves to put on a show, what’s a better way to help out their performance than by getting them just the right outfit?We’ll admit it, some clown costumes are just downright creepy. But some of the outfits out there are actually cute and would fit very well with your toddler’s aptitude for lighthearted entertainment. We think they’d feel right at home in our version of a pastel clown dress!

Design & Details
Your kiddo will be ready to perform when they put on this Toddler Pinafore Clown Costume! Our designers created this cute clown costume so your kiddo can be the star of the show! This three-piece set starts with a jersey knit long-sleeved shirt, which is printed with a cheerful white and pink checkered pattern. Multicolored polka-dotted tights ensure your kiddo will look jolly from head to toe.The last piece is a playful pinafore dress that buttons at the shoulders and is decorated with large yellow flowers on the front. The design includes checked, striped, and polka-dotted fabric sections for a whimsical feel. Your kiddo will be ready for lots of clowning around once they put on this sweet costume!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Pink & Blue & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Pinafore Clown Costume for Toddlers

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