Minecraft Kid’s Enchanted Armor Deluxe Costume

Punch ManWaking up on a sandy beach, you take a look around before running in a random direction. Finally, you spot some trees in the distance as the sun begins to dip toward the horizon. Reaching the tree at last, you are able to punch some blocks of wood out of it before you lose the light entirely.Frantically, you break them into planks and create a crafting table. Making them into all the pieces that you need, you finally set them down into a 4×4 cube that will hopefully keep the creepers away for one night! You wish that you would have had time to build in the canopy of the tree, but better safe than sorry. Digging down into the soft dirt, you being excavating underneath your house. Might as well spend the whole night breaking rocks with a wooden pickaxe, right?
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Luckily, dying in Minecraft just gives you a chance to build up and try again! Maybe next time you should wear this Minecraft Enchanted Armor Deluxe Child Costume, since it has fire protection V. Well, not actually, but that would be a good idea. Instead, this costume has included pants, foam tunic, and foam hat, all in that iconic Minecraft style. The pixelated and squared look are all perfect for giving you that awesome Minecraft feeling that you are going for, Steve!Diggy Diggy HoleIf you are looking for the perfect Minecraft costume for your child, then you are in the right place. They will love looking and feeling just like they belong in this great game.  Just make sure they never dig straight down!

Brand: Disguise Limited

Gender: Unisex


Color: Purple & White

Material: Polyester

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Minecraft Kid’s Enchanted Armor Deluxe Costume

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