Jack in the Box Clown Kid’s Costume

Good Idea for a ToyThe toy Jack in the Box really does confuse us. Here’s a great idea. Let’s make a toy box that, when you wind it up, a terrifying clown pops out of it. That definitely won’t scare small children. We can imagine generations of kids being absolutely petrified of what might be hiding inside unsuspecting boxes.Of course, the great news is that a Jack in the Box is an amazing idea for a scary costume, which is why our costume designers just couldn’t stop themselves from making this Jack in the Box Clown Costume for kids. It’s inspired by the classic toy that has been creeping out kids for ages!

Design & Details
Ready to bring the terrifying toy to life? This Jack in the Box costume is a unique costume for kids that transforms the strangely scary toy into a costume. The outfit is styled to look like a small box that fits over your child waist. It has “Terror in the Box” printed on the front. The top of the costume is fashioned to look like a jester outfit, complete with yellow pom poms in the front.Finally, the costume comes with a jester mask, which has a sinister laughing expression, green hair, and a jester-style hat on top to really bring the whole outfit together! If your child is looking for way to put some terror back in the neighborhood, then this clown costume is the way to go!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Black & Blue & Red

Material: Polyester


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Jack in the Box Clown Kid’s Costume

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