Girl’s Totally 80s Workout Costume

Moving to the MusicEvery generation loves the music they grew up with the most. But no matter what decade shaped your childhood, you have to admit that nothing beats 80s music when it comes to moving your body! Of course, there are plenty of songs from other eras that get us grooving, but something about those 80s beats just makes us want to jump every time we hear them! The only part of the 80s that might have been more exciting than the music was the fashion! Fun, bright colors were everywhere, and no combination of hues was too flashy, especially for workout gear. Your kiddo will get to experience the best of the decade when they put on this Totally 80s Workout Costume!

Design & Details
Your kiddo already has the moves and the music. All they need now is our Totally 80s Workout Costume! The slightly stretchy leotard and leggings will let your child show off all of their cool moves. The leotard has bold printed graphics on the front with the text “Work it out.”Of course, you can’t have an 80s exercise ensemble without the leg warmers! This costume includes a bright yellow pair that slip over the leggings. Last but not least, a pair of green sweatbands that fit around the wrist finish off the outfit. Add a pair of sneakers and an 80s hairdo, and your child will be ready to work it out to all the best jams of the era!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Blue & Pink



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Girl’s Totally 80s Workout Costume

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