Girls Descendants 3 Uma Deluxe Costume

Diving Into the DepthsWhat is a gal supposed to do when she’s the daughter of one of the most powerful villains in all of Disney legend? Sure, Maleficient definitely has a reputation for megalomania. She’s got a ton of magic, according to the stories. And cursing an entire kingdom because of a missed invitation definitely speaks of mighty evil. But, really, Maleficient only has a knack for teleportation, sleep magic… and, sure, she can turn into a dragon a dragon without spells, mind you! Ursula, on the other hand, has access to any kind of magic, even more dangerous curses, can also shapeshift, and she can still cast her spells even in human form! Plus, her ambitions were just a little… bigger, let’s just say. Mal might have a lot on her plate but, as Ursula’s daughter, Uma is the one that really gets to bridge out to broad experiences. Piracy? Sorcery? A killer singing voice that even Ariel would’ve been jealous of? Plus, she’s got that octopus shapeshifting thing when she hops into the water. Yeah! Uma is the one to root for, here, and she’s ready for some real action! 
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Uma has a really ornate and complicated look, whether she’s captaining the ship or getting ready to unleash her mojo. Fortunately, we can offer up this Deluxe Uma costume that gives your tyke the look of this Descendant without being quite so complicated. The costume features details that look like Uma’s scaly armor pattern with a turquoise and sea green base. The jacket has broad lapels and the arms feature a translucent, wider sleeve. Complete the edgy look with Uma’s green wig and your tyke is ready for revenge against Mal in this officially licensed Descendants 3 costume.Take the PlungeWhen it means giving all those on the Isle of the Lost a chance for freedom, Uma is ready to pull out all the magic. That’s easy when she looks as awesome as she does in this Descendants costume. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls


Color: Yellow & Green

Material: Polyester

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Girls Descendants 3 Uma Deluxe Costume

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