Daydream Dragon Kids Costume

Imagine That! Your child is no princess and they don’t need saving from the fire-breathing dragon. Why? Because they ARE the dragon. Of course, they are! Your kiddo’s got a great imagination, and the moment they saw this Kid’s Daydream Dragon Costume, they created a whole storyline in their head. Suddenly this dragon has a name, a family in a faraway land, a backstory, and well…you can’t beat that kind of creativity and enthusiasm, right? Halloween is meant to transport celebrants to another place, time, dimension, and reality, and this cool costume does just that. Did we mention how awesome this looks on your little one? It’s fun and festive, cool and mystical. It’s the whole package”just like your kid!

Product Details
Made exclusively by us, this dragon costume keeps the silhouette simple and easy to wear, while the details and craftsmanship make it a total standout. The sleeveless jumpsuit has flared legs and comes with matching wrist cuffs in the same iridescent-blue hue. Dramatic dragon scales detail the whole outfit, as do purple spikes and stuffed horns on the pullover hood. A stuffed dragon tail attaches to the back and shimmering opalescent wings find their place on the shoulders to complete the look! Keep ‘Em DreamingWatching your kid imagine faraway places and daring adventures is what Halloween is all about. They are only young once, and every year is an opportunity to see who your child really is. In this costume, it looks like your kid is fierce, fun, and full of wonder!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Blue & Purple & Green

Material: Polyester


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Daydream Dragon Kids Costume

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