Boy’s 80s Work It Out Costume

Rad, Baby! Need a totally tubular costume? Take a chill pill, dude! Weve got you covered. Lets take a time machine trip back to the not-so-distant past. Set the dial for the awesome 80s so that we can meet those heroes of the decade: Aerobics instructors! Ahh, those musclebound high kickers were just so choice. The whole world thrilled to see them curl their hamstrings, lift their knees, and stroke those incredibly bushy mustaches that seemed to be hot back in the day. Youd think those gold medallion chains would smack into their chests and hurt during jumping jacks, but no one ever complained. Those studs of the aerobics studio knew one very important truth: If you think youre awesome, everyone else will think so too!

Product Details
Your natural confidence is your best trait “ show it off with this Boys 80s Work It Out Costume! A tight blue tank top pulls over a psychedelic patterned shirt so you can rock those cardio moves. The pink gym shorts tie in perfectly and can only be worn by a true 80s jock. Matching pink wristbands prevent your hands from getting sweaty while you pump and curl your way to stardom. Add the green headband to keep your mullet out of your eyes. No 80s outfit is complete without a fanny pack! Use yours for your gym key “ or maybe safely store those medallions until you finish your workout! You Are the Champion It doesnt matter if you werent even born when the 80s were hopping “ the decades fame trickles down through the ages! Your fame will too, when you wear your Boys 80s Work It Out Costume. Years later, everyone will still be talking about your getup as the best costume theyve ever seen!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Pink & Green & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Boy’s 80s Work It Out Costume

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