Black Cat Costume for Girls

NO SUCH THING AS BAD LUCKEspecially as we come nearer to the times of the month where superstitions tend to spread like literal wildfire, folks whisper in abject terror about the various things you might do to bring about terrible luck upon themselves. The first sight of a full moon or the approach of Friday the 13th or, of course, the splendor of All Hallows Eve and all potentially cursed things vanish from sight and get stuffed away into any consecrated area available! Ladders that might normally be scattered about for gutter cleaning and painting disappear from sight so there is no chance of walking under one. Mirrors are lined in thick sheets of bubble wrap. City planners finally fix all the sidewalk cracks. And, of course, the lonely black cat suffers the most. Shooed away from pedestrians or even sent off to shelters, the cuddly critters are horribly misjudged for the actions of witches! But, we can change all of that!

Design & Details
Our team of insightful designers have been in contact with the Witches’ Council and learned all the secrets about their black cat familiars. In fact, black cats are lucky… so long as you’re friendly. And, with this exclusive Black Cat Costume for kids, your kiddo can prove that a dark feline is probably the cutest thing we’ve ever misjudged. The velour jumpsuit is a sleek black that will look great, though your child should probably keep that flashlight nearby to avoid surprising everyone. There is a stuffed tail sewn to the back of the suit with a wire that lets you pose it however you like! And, what cat suit would be complete without the ears on top of the hood! ?PREPARE FOR A LUCKY NIGHT! When the curse of the black cat is on your side, your luck can’t go wrong! Enjoy walking alongside your kiddo while they wear this Black Cat costume and delight in how adorable the whole world becomes… either because folks love the look or are freaked out and rush to let you have your way!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black

Material: Polyester


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Black Cat Costume for Girls

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