Arctic Polar Bear Costume for Kids

Snow DaysKids love snow days. Here in Minnesota, we get them pretty often. It means no school for the day and a ton of fun activities outside, like snow forts, sledding, and maybe even a snowball fight or two. Sometimes, it’s tough to get them to come back inside to warm up because they’re having so much fun! Well, for polar bears, every day is a snow day. They get to romp around in the snow all of the time, since the arctic north is covered in the white, fluffy stuff! If your child is a snow day fan, then they may just be ready to dress up like a polar bear! Of course, there’s no better way for them to get in touch with their inner bear than with our Kid’s Polar Bear Costume.

Design & Details
Our costume designers wanted to craft a costume that perfectly transforms your little one into a cute and cozy polar bear! That’s why they created this Kid’s Polar Bear Costume! It’s an exclusive design that starts with a comfy white jumpsuit that fits with a zipper in the front. The suit itself is made out of a soft, fleece material that will keep your child warm while they play around the house as an ursine critter of the arctic north! The paw-shaped mitts and foot covers add a realistic touch to the outfit, while the headpiece finishes off the costume. The headpiece is shaped like a bear’s face and it fits with a strap under the chin. Once your child has it all on, they’ll be ready for endless snow days! A Passion for the SnowNow, your child can cozy up like a polar bear with this Made by Us costume! With a comfortable design and plenty of polar bear details, it’s great for any kid with a passion for snow!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Black & White

Material: Polyester


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Arctic Polar Bear Costume for Kids

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