WWE Halloween Costume Collection

Our Favorite WWE Costumes for Halloween are available for men, women and kids in all sizes are on sale.

No one is better than Randy “Macho Man ” Savage. No one. We dare you to scour the roster of the WWE, past and present, to find a wrestler who is a better showman.

This Macho Man Madness Costume is officially licensed from the WWE. It comes with the signature Macho Man shirt, along with a pair of matching pair of pink zebra pants. It also comes with wrist wraps, bandana, and sunglasses for a complete look that no one will be able to ignore.

If you’ve ever a had a thought about becoming the Big Evil, well, here’s your chance with this Plus Size WWE Undertaker Costume! Officially licensed, we teamed up with the WWE to bring his classic ring attire into the costume world, and with this ensemble you’ll be ready to fill the shoes of the all time wrestling legend.

With a vinyl faux leather overcoat and matching pants, along with a stretch polyester tank top to mimic his wrestling look, you’ll have a real deal style that’s ready for the ring! The ensemble also includes the signature hat and fingerless gloves for the head to toe look.

This WWE Rowdy Ronda Rousey Costume gives you everything you need (aside from the attitude) to dress like the WWE superstar. 

It starts with a white tip that has red accents and has “Rowdy Ronda Rousey” printed on the front. The black jacket is made out of a faux leather material and fits over the shirt. The black boy shorts stretch to fit and the red plaid kilt is a homage to old-school legend, Roddy Piper. The fingerless gloves finish the whole look off, turning you into the next big contender in the ring!

If you can’t get enough of seeing Sting, despite his retirement, his iconic look is captured here with our exclusive and officially licensed Sting costume.

Once you get the face makeup on you’ll feel the true power of Sting flow through your veins and not even Ric Flair would dare challenge you to a cage match.

Steve Borden is one of the few wrestlers with a career epic enough to earn him 13 heavyweight titles… and among the only who have such a conflicted history that only ten of them are recognized by the WWE.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart is pretty much the epitome of cool, at least when it comes to the WWE. In most people’s eyes, he’s one of the all-time greats of the ring too.

We’ve teamed up with the WWE to bring you this exclusive Bret Hart costume that captures Hart’s iconic ring style of the 80s and 90s, you’ll be ready to hit the ring with this costume set. A tank top and pants combo, complete with signature printing, is designed to look just like his wrestling singlet and tights, and you know we wouldn’t want you to make your arena entrance without some extra flair, so a matching vinyl jacket is included too.

You’ll dominate the cage when you wear your officially licensed, exclusive WWE Adult Mankind Costume! 

Terrify opponents with your loner personality and your serial-killer-esque mask. The mask’s vinyl straps are molded and painted to look like distressed leather studded with metal rivets – just the way Mankind likes it. Elastic straps hold it in place while you Mandible Claw your way to victory. The mask comes with a collared shirt with a jagged hem, and a pre-tied necktie to complete the look.

You’re ready for this Macho Man Randy Savage Costume, which is officially licensed from the WWE.

The plus size costume begins with an audacious jacket, which fits with a zipper and has a layer of shimmering gold sequins on the exterior. The back of the jacket even has the Macho Man logo, complete with pair of sunglasses in the middle. The tank top features a brazen, colorful side, which looks like the entire 1980s exploded onto it. The side of the top is jet black. The matching pants fit with elastic in the waist. The wild handwraps match the pattern on the tank top and pants. This costume comes with a classic Macho Man hat that’s covered in gold sequins, so you can shimmer and shine as you walk into the ring!

This is a Men’s Hulk Hogan Costume.

The polyester and spandex sleeveless pullover top has plenty of room for your bulging pecs and biceps, and the “Hulkamania” printed on the front makes it impossible to misidentify you as a bottle of mustard! 

The faux leather belt has “Hulkamania” on the back as well, so you will be easy to identify as you pull off all those awesome moves you’ve been working on.

Begin with your neon green, stretchy spandex bodysuit featuring the peering eyes of the Warrior’s gaze, because nothing can stop you!

The long vest is a light blue with “ULTIMATE WARRIOR” printed, as though anyone needs to be reminded! Take off to the skies with the long ribbons falling from your arm, wrist, and leg bands, each in multiple vibrant colors.

Made by Us, this exclusive WWE costume has all the trademark details from Ric Flair’s career in the ring.

The full-length robe has wide sleeves and secures with a sash. Patterned sequin knit appliques adorn the front and back, and the back also features a name script applique to let everyone know just who they’re about to face off with.

We’ve also included brief style trunks with signature “RF” printed on them, so you’ll be ready to hop into the ring if need be.