Top 10 Infant Halloween Animal Costumes

Our Top 10 infant animal costumes for Halloween are on sale

This Infant Mischievous Monkey Costume is an adorable outfit that transforms any baby into a fuzzy monkey.

It comes with a brown jumpsuit that has a soft exterior. You won’t even be able to resist snuggling up with your little one! 

It features a set of metal snaps along the inseams to assist with diaper changes, so you don’t have to wriggle your little one out of the entire costume each time you need to change their diaper.

Maybe it’s time that you turned your little infant into a bear cub. 

The infant baby bear costume is designed for your little cub! It comes with a soft brown jumpsuit with checkered patterns on the ears, chest and feet. 

The booties even have little heart-shaped appliques on the soles.

This supremely cozy one-piece is perfect for baby’s day out whether they’re going trick-or-treating, fishing, or to the aquarium. 

This cute costume goes great with our mermaid costumes too!

How totally stinking (pun alert!) adorable is this costume? 

The pink velvety jumpsuit with a light pink satin tummy will make your little one look like the most huggable little piglet this side of the farm, and with the skid resistant purple feet with pink hoof shaped grips, that little cutie will be able to toddle around the – ahem – “market” safety and surely. 

Put your little one in this outfit and they’re instantly a colorful wide-eyed owl! 

Snaps at the crotch and inseam allow for easy diaper access, while the attached hood pulls over the top of the head and is complete with appliqued, embroidered, and sculpted owl facial features.

Whether your kid is quiet as a church mouse or your little one tends to play when the cat’s away, mice have proved to be lovable again and again. 

Perfect for a group costume on Halloween or for those occasions that simply call for extra cute factor. Either way, you can be sure your mouse will be a welcome guest in any house.

We wanted to make a costume to match your baby’s fiercer side, so we came up with this adorable Infant Lion Onesie Costume! 

The jumpsuit body is made from soft velour with a pale tummy panel and a zip-up front. 

Along with the zipper, it also has snaps along the inseams to make certain messes a little easier to clean up.

The only thing that could make their playtime even cuter is if you let your little ankle-biters romp around in this Infant Puppy Love Costume during all the fun!

Could you imagine the adorable, puzzled look that will be on the puppy’s face when your wee lil babe starts crawling closer in this costume?

Get your little one ready for their first lullaby worthy Halloween with this charming Infant Baby Bumble Bee Costume. 

Getting them dressed in the faux fur bodysuit is easy with a zipper down the center-back and a snap-closure in-seam. Everyone will think your little one looks as sweet as honey under the fuzzy headpiece that features pom-pom antenna. 

A pair of booties will keep their little toes cuddly and warm.

This cute striped costume is cozy as can be, which is perfect for toting a baby around trick-or-treating in the late fall wind. 

It’s a soft jumpsuit with a zipper down the back for easy dressing. The headpiece has a fabric mane and a filled zebra head, including snout, eyes, and ears. 

The booties stay on thanks to ribbed knit ankles, and they feature anti-skid soles. And the tail can detach separately.