Zeus Kid’s Costume

thunderstruckWe don’t know a lot about Greek mythology — but what little we know, we’re sure about. Theres just one trait that separates the all-mighty Zeus from any normie graybeard with a gym membership: the ability to smite whomever and whatever he wants when he wants. That’s not a lot, actually. So if you want to be nearly the same as the chief god in the Greek pantheon, all you have to do is spend the next few centuries working on your godlike physique! Or, if the whole lightning thing is that important to you, why not try this formidable costume combo? It comes with most of the things you need to look like the flashiest deity in all of classical mythology.

Product Details
Based on the mighty Greek god, our exclusive Kids Zeus costume makes you look like an all-powerful deity. The white tunic top is reminiscent of the garb worn by ancient Greeks. It even has gold accents along the bottom for a truly regal look. The belt has gold designs on it and matches the gold accents on the tunic. The drape is a shimmering gold color and can be tucked into the belt. A pair of gold gauntlets fit around the wrists, but the true coup de grace of this outfit is the crown, which will sit atop your head to make you feel like the king of all Greek gods! feel the powerEnjoy your newfound power, young one, but we beg you not to abuse it!  Of course, we hope youll always smile down benevolently upon your humble servants here. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Orange & White

Material: Polyester


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Zeus Kid’s Costume

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