Youth Comfy Throw Cinderella

Once Upon a Slumber PartyWe all know about the time Cinderellas fairy godmother dropped to get Cinderella back up and ready for the royal ball. But, have you heard the story about the time Cinderella was invited to a sleepover?Back when Cinderella still lived with her dad, one of the other young villagers asked Cinderella over for a regular slumber party complete with snacks, games, and staying up all night in pajamas. Her dad agreed, and being the kind man that he was, offered to get her a stunning new nightgown. Of course, since the sleepover was planned for the same evening, he didnt have much time. Luckily, fairy godmothers always show up exactly when theyre needed! Knowing Cinderellas dad wanted to give his daughter only the best and seeing how delighted Cinderella was about her chance to spend time with new friends, Fairy Godmother whipped up a gown as cozy as lambs fleece!

Product Details
Get your child ready for their next slumber party with this Cinderella Youth Comfy Throw. Wrapped in this dress-shaped blanket, theyll look as spectacular as Cinderella in her iconic, glittering ballgown! Unlike her magical look though, this 48-inch by 48-inch blanket is sure to fit them for more than one night. Should the fun get rowdy and favorite drinks or snacks get spilled, Fairy Godmother wont need to conjure up a replacement; this machine-washable blanket is up for the mess! So, whether theyre snuggling up at home to re-watch the Disney classics or joining their friends for a fun-filled night, this super-soft, officially licensed blanket has them covered! Movie Night MagicOkay, maybe Cinderellas fairy godmother didnt wave her wand to bring this sleeper blanket into existence. But you can still add some magic to your family movie night with this Cinderella Youth Comfy Throw. Add the super-soft throw to your order and get your kiddo ready for ultra-snuggly nights with their favorite Disney character!

Brand: Northwest Company

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Youth Comfy Throw Cinderella

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