Yellow Opaque Girls Tights

Walking on SunshineIt’s so important to have at least one or two pieces in your closet that will make you happy whenever you put them on. Perhaps it’s an accessory that’s so bright and colorful that just looking at it is a mood booster. Maybe it’s an article of clothing that can be counted on to form the basis of an awesome costume. When you find those pieces, grab at least six of them!  

Product Details
Be an acrobat, a fairy, a daisy, a princess, or just someone with really amazing fashion sense when you wear these Yellow Opaque Tights for Girls! The one hundred percent nylon tights have a seam at the toes and a comfortably stretchy waistband. The buttery color is a perfect choice for complementing your favorite outfits or costumes. Happy Feet Why wear regular neutral-colored tights when you can put on this glowing pair instead? When you look like sunlight, you’ll probably feel pretty sunny too!  

Brand: Music Legs

Gender: Female

Size: M

Color: Yellow

Material: Nylon


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Yellow Opaque Girls Tights