Work It Out 80s Toddler Costume

A Totally Rad CostumeAnd a one, a two, a three, a four ” let’s trick or treat from door to door!  So your kiddo missed the 80s workout wave the first time around. That doesn’t mean he can’t catch it now in this retro-inspired Toddler 80s Work It Out Costume! When you really stop and think about it, the style of the era was perfect for a tiny kid’s big energy ” bright colors, bold patterns, fun accessories, and crazy combos ” it’s almost as though a toddler designed 80s fashion anyway.And there’s nothing your little one needs more than a good workout. Just look at all that energy he has to work off. It’s nothing a high-impact step aerobics routine won’t take care of. Look out ” your child is coming to whip the whole neighborhood into shape this Halloween.

Design & Details
We don’t want to call anyone out on their age or anything, but our in-house designers definitely went back to their roots to craft this exclusive, clever, and cute kid’s costume! It’s a bright and high-energy mix of pink athletic shorts and a top that’s styled to look like an 80s geometric printed tee under an aqua tank top. Pink wristbands and a green headband offset the fun pattern and design. Add rad details like mirrored aviators, hand weights, or tube socks, and watch your kiddo bop to the beat of his own tune.Don’t Sweat ItWe wouldn’t be surprised if after wearing this costume, your child becomes enamored with the music and style of the 80s. Don’t worry, just enjoy watching him lip-sync to your favorite nostalgic tunes while rocking out with your Walkman on the couch!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: 18MO

Color: Pink & Blue & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Work It Out 80s Toddler Costume

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