Work It Out 80s Costume for Toddler Girls

Missed OutYour girl just missed out. She wasn’t around when the 80s rolled around, so she missed out on the neon colors. She missed out on pet rocks, slap bracelets, and mixtapes. She missed out on the teased hair and the odd obsession with brightly colored polygonal shapes. But you know what? That just gives you an opportunity! You can be the one to teach your little girl all about the awesome style of the 80s! You can show her how to love neon colors. You and teach her how to do the running man at the next dance party. You can even introduce her to killer 80s music, like Cyndi Lauper and Tiffany. Of course, her first lesson will be to show how to wear this Toddler Work It Out 80s Costume with style and grace.

Design & Details
This adorable costume comes with everything your little one needs to get into the 1980s! It comes with a leotard, leggings, and a top, each of which is brightly colored and made of a spandex blend that stretches to fit. The top features vibrant triangles and rectangles on it… because, hey, that’s what we liked in the 80s. The shorts and leggings both feature and elastic band in the waist and features colors that just scream retro. The bright pink headband is made out of a simple terrycloth material and fits on your child’s forehead. Finally, a pair of wrist bands bring the whole look together! Break Out Your Cassette TapesIf your child yearns for the past… or if you just want to teach your little girl the sort of outfit that you wore when you were young, then this cute 80s costume is the perfect place to start. Now, where you do place that Cyndi Lauper cassette tape… ?

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Pink & Purple & Blue

Material: Polyblend


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Work It Out 80s Costume for Toddler Girls

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