Woodland Fairy Girl’s Costume

A Magical Woodland SecretEvery child (and probably a few adults) secretly wishes that fairies were real. From their little tree houses to their petal and leaf clothes, the tiny humanoids are just adorable. And forests just seem magical. You can almost catch glimpses of their flashing wings, just at the corner of your eye. Who’s to say that there aren’t fairies, when there are so many secret nooks and crannies amidst the whispering trees? Whether your child loves reading fantasy books or simply enjoys watching Peter Pan on repeat for Tinkerbell, they will feel absolutely magical in this Girl’s Woodland Fairy Costume.

Product Details
This sweet costume is all green, just like the woodland forest your fairy calls home. The bodice features a simple, fantasy-inspired lace up front, ensuring the perfect fit for every little fairy. The skirt is formed with layers of jagged, leaf-shaped tulle. A little sparkle in the tulle adds to the magical aura. And then, of course, the wings! These glittering green beauties attach with simple elastic straps. With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, your child will feel just like a floating fairy. Pair with tights if the Halloween weather is chilly, and have fun picking out shoes. Will it be silver, magical shoes? Pompom style flats, like Tinkerbell? Or should it be full wood fairy style, with strappy sandals? Only you can find out!  Happy Little ThoughtsYour child will fly through their Halloween adventure on their new magical wings! Everyone knows that happy thoughts are the key to flight. With this fantastical green dress and wings, happiness is a given. So grab your fairy-appropriate candy bucket (a hollowed out “acorn,” perhaps?) and soar through the night. Adventures, and delicious sugary sweets, await this little fairy and any friends who travel with them!

Brand: Karnival Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Woodland Fairy Girl’s Costume

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