Woodland Fairie Costume for Toddler’s

Pixie Priorities Fairies are busy little creatures, but they don’t have the same jobs as regular mortals. Instead of being preoccupied with brushing their teeth, cleaning up their rooms, and practicing their ABCs for preschool, they have more important things to do. They have to choreograph the perfect dance to welcome the first wildflowers of spring and make sure that all of the dewdrops are sparkling just right on each forest leaf. It’s a big responsibility!  

Product Details
Your little elf will love dressing up in this Toddler Woodland Fairie Costume! The long, sleeveless dress is made of soft and comfortable polyester and is sewn with elastic in its shoulder straps, back neckline, and waistband. The emerald green velvet bodice has a ruched pink inset and is decorated at the waist with white and pink faux flowers as well as green faux leaves. The skirt is sewn with layers of green tulle shaped like leaves. A pair of layered pink mesh wings is sewn to the back of the dress. A plastic comb decorated with faux flowers makes a pretty addition to any hairstyle!  Forest Frolic This cute outfit is too much fun to wear only once a year at Halloween! It’s perfect for imaginary play, so don’t be surprised to see a tiny woodland fairie running around the play room or the back yard. You may have to explain human customs to this otherworldly creature, since they aren’t naturally great at tidying up after themselves or using the couch as a place to sit instead of as a place to practice hopping up and down on mushroom caps. It’s their nature to be constantly playful!  

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Pink & Green

Material: Polyester


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Woodland Fairie Costume for Toddler’s

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