Witch Prestige Girl’s Costume

Brewing up Fun It’s true that some witches are the evil type who love to cause trouble, hex their neighbors, and sic their pet monkeys on little girls from kansas, but most of these talented magical mavens are friendly and fun to have around. They’ll gladly demonstrate their most interesting spells if you ask them to, enchant your room so that it stays clean, and show you how to turn your hair into every shade of the rainbow (and turn it back again!) They’re good friends to have around. 
Product Details
Be the most wonderful witch in the world while wearing your Witch Prestige Costume for Girls! The outfit includes a charming dress with a purple top and long purple sleeves. A sewn-on black velvet bodice with pink details, sparkly black ribbon, and black lace perfectly complements the puffed black and pink sleeves. The full skirt has a black underlayer topped by tiers of ruffly purple mesh and shiny pink fabric. Top it off with the pointed black witch’s hat that’s decorated with a big, purple bow! A Spellbinding Sorceress Grab your broomstick, because this Halloween is bound to be your best one yet! Everyone will be excited to see such a friendly witch walking around the neighborhood, especially one with such a clear sense of fashion (some of your evil variety witches have unsettling spiderwebs and toadstools clinging to their robes). You can go trick-or-treating with your friends and then fly through the moonlit night with your black cat familiar. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: M

Color: Black & Pink & Purple

Material: Polyester

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Witch Prestige Girl’s Costume

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