Winter Camo Soldier Costume for Boys

WHEN CAMOUFLAGE AND LAUNDRY MEETWhen anyone thinks of camouflage, they naturally jump to the normal, iconic look of green, brown, and black patches designed to keep them well-hidden as they travel throughout the woods or even as they crawl around on the ground. Now, that probably sounds like a ton of fun to your kiddo. Your laundry bill has probably already complained a few times about the grass stains and you might have considered going all camo just so you don’t need to deal with them! But, what about the snow? Sure, ice and water might not stain, but where is the fun in sneaking around in the snowfields, hiding from the enemies, when your kiddo is actually a gleaming spot of summer amidst the winter scene? Brown for the summer and white in the winter! And, the best part of arctic camouflage is that there are black smudges, too, so you still don’t have to worry that much about cleaning out dirt stains!

Design & Details
Whether your kiddo is looking for a stealthy way to travel through the tundra or you’re looking for a better look that requires slightly less cleaning, our in-house designers have your back. We sent them out to the snowfields to study and they came back shivering with ideas for this exclusive Winter Camo Soldier Costume. We begin with a pair of matching white and black patterned pants and a shirt. The same camo vest has a foam panel and decorative buckles for that soldier look. When your kiddo needs to store their findings, they’ll find tons of pockets to do so! The face mask and vinyl goggles protect both identity and their face while the plastic accessories help to ensure they can complete their mission. Just make sure you empty those pockets when you do need to launder the gear! CODENAME: SNOWMANWhen your kiddo is taking off to conquer the fields and rid the world of nameless threats, they’ll definitely want to have a secret agent name. Iceman is already taken, but we’re sure that you can come up with something that will perfectly match the way they look in this Winter Camo Costume.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Gray & White

Material: Polyester


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Winter Camo Soldier Costume for Boys

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