Wildflower Fox Infant Costume

Family TreeThe Fox family has been playing under an old oak tree covered in ivy for generations. As soon as they’re out of the den, Mother Fox takes her babies into the oak clearing. The kits start off shy, hiding behind the gnarled oak roots at every gust of wind and owl hoot. As the summer gets warmer, the little red bundles of joy get bolder. They climb up the ivy, they pounce at dormice, and yip at passing birds. If you ever stroll past a sunny clearing in the woods with an old tree making a cozy hollow under the branches, keep an eye out for foxes playing under the family tree! There’s nothing cuter than little red foxes playing in the flower-filled woods. Does your little one sway from shy to impish like a little kit? If so, this Made By Us fox costume is the perfect way to bring her playful woodland nature to life!

Design & Details
Created by our in-house designers, this adorable infant fox costume is the perfect look for your baby’s first Halloween. The dress is a cozy burnt orange corduroy and has little details like ruffled sleeve caps, a fuzzy faux fur belly, and a tail attached to the back. With hook and loop fasteners, this dress easily slips on and off.  The costume is topped off with black ears and an orange headband topped with pretty flowers. Complete with fox pattern leggings, this is perfect for themed events and any Halloween evening! Just a Little SlyAre you ready to watch your little one take the spotlight as an oh-so-adorable baby fox? Just watch out, you may find that your little one becomes a little more sly in this outfit. Or, maybe it’s just that your kiddo is motivated to do a little Halloween sneaking because of the yummy candy piled up around!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Black & Orange & Brown

Material: Polyester


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Wildflower Fox Infant Costume

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