White Cat Toddler Costume

Feline GoodStrutting through the house as if you owned it is easier for cats than it is for humans. They have the distinct ability to own whatever room they come into, even if they just left it two minutes ago. As far as humans go, toddlers are probably the best analogue.When toddlers move into a room, they seem to take it over completely. There is nothing more humbling than seeing the way a toddler knocks things over, writes on walls, or otherwise makes a space their own. They truly are the cats of the human world¦ besides cats, that is¦

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Purring up a storm will be easier than ever when you put on this pawsome Toddler White Cat Costume. This Made By Us costume was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about wearing this for years to come. The included jumpsuit, headpiece, foot covers, and gloves all work together to give you that cat-like look you are going for. From head to toe, you will love the feeling of this soft, white fabric as you race around the house in the middle of the night! Just try to avoid the temptation of knocking everything off the counters all the time, please.Cat and MouseIf you are looking for a cool and classic costume to wow all your friends, then you are in the right place! This Toddler White Cat Costume has all the details that you want, as well as a good deal of comfort and style that you didnt even know you wanted. Its an all-around win for any toddler!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Pink & White

Material: Cottonblend


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White Cat Toddler Costume

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