Western Pioneer Kid’s Costume

Beyond the HorizonCan you imagine all the sights the pioneers saw on their way out west? If they traveled from the East Coast to California, they would have seen things that they couldn’t have even imagined. First, there were the great plains. Pioneers wrote that looking out over the prairies was like looking out over the ocean. There was grass as far as the eye could see, the wind blowing through it, causing it to move like waves. Then, the pioneers crossed the Missouri River and began to see signs of the Badlands, strange hills that were just a hint of the wild, rocky Utah landscape they would cross in the weeks to come. The life of a pioneer wasn’t easy. They faced hunger, thirst, an endless landscape that was all too easy to get lost in, and dangerous wild animals. But we still have to wonder what it was like to see a whole new world unfold right beyond the horizon, day after day!

Design & Details
This Made By Us pioneer costume is perfect for those kids who are always daydreaming about heading west. The costume features a collarless gingham shirt and a brown vest that buttons up the front. Matching breeches have an easy-on elastic waistband at the back, and decorative buttons on the front. Topped off with a wide brim hat, this costume is ready for whatever might be next on your child’s pioneering adventure! Happy TrailsIf you want the adventure without the dysentery, playing dress-up is a great way to go! This high-quality costume can withstand plenty of pretend Oregon Trail adventures and still be the perfect look for school plays and Halloween. The more use your child gets out of it, the more authentic it’ll look. Be prepared to talk covered wagons and provisions because it looks like your kiddo has plenty more happy trails ahead!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Yellow & White

Material: Polyester


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Western Pioneer Kid’s Costume

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