Wednesday Addams Addams Family Kid’s Costume | Addams Family Costumes

Wednesday Addams Addams Family Kid's Costume | Addams Family Costumes

You Know What Day It Is
If there is anyone in the whole world that loves Halloween more than your tyke, it might be Wednesday Addams. Now, keep in mind, when we say love, Wednesday would probably say something more like, “…”Of course, a silent stare from Wednesday is pretty much the same thing as “I love this!” She’s got a way of turning all her feelings into a daring stare that manages to cause all of our spines to tingle just a bit. (And, that isn’t even because she’s often experimenting with the very latest in electric torture devices. But, when the rest of society finally catches up with the Addams’ love for the creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, it’s only natural that they’re going to jump in!

Then again, Wednesday has her own unique way of enjoying Halloween. She’s not much for dressing up in other costumes. She prefers to let all know that she’s dressed up like homicidal maniacs… who look like anyone else!

Design & Details
We imagine that your little one isn’t quite as intense as Wednesday Addams but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t love to enjoy a Halloween night while channeling the creepy and straight-faced energy of this daughter of the Addams Family. This officially licensed costume includes the black and white Puritan-style dress worn by Wednesday. We recommend a pair of black boots and be sure to give your tyke Wednesday’s iconic braided pigtails to complete the look.

Wednesday, Every Day
If you have the opportunity to become the favorite of all Addams Family characters, how could you resist!? That’s why we know that this Wednesday Addams costume will be perfect for a Halloween adventure… and likely for any other day of the year that your tyke wants to bring a little creepy into the household!


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Wednesday Addams Addams Family Kid’s Costume | Addams Family Costumes