Watermelon Jolly Rancher Costume for Girls

Rule of Pink FlavorsIt’s sort of like an unwritten rule. The pink-colored candies are always the best. Well, at least that’s true when it comes to all non-chocolate candy! C’mon, you know it’s true! It’s a rule that Jolly Ranchers has followed to a tee. Watermelon, also known as the pink Jolly Rancher, is officially the best of them all. Sure, the other flavors are great too… but there has to be one that’s the best, and Watermelon is it (Cherry is a close second).Of course, if your child wants to dress up like candy, then she’s going to want to dress up like the best flavor! That means dressing up as one of the pink flavors. Well, it just so happens that this officially licensed Watermelon Jolly Rancher Costume for girls will transform your child into the greatest candy flavor of them all!

Product Details
This girl’s costume begins with a simple dress that stretches to fit. It’s bright pink, to mimic the look of a Watermelon flavored Jolly Rancher, but it comes with yellow accents at the bottom of the skirt to recreate the look of a candy wrapper. The bust of the dress also features a matching, ruffled yellow accent on the top. Finally, the headband has the same yellow ruffling to finish off the whole look. The costume can be paired with garments in your child’s closet, like black leggings or basic black flats, to create a look that’s both sweet and stylish! Sweet LookIn the wild, Jolly Ranchers come in a bag full of different flavors! After all, variety is the spice of life and the best way to dress up as a Jolly Rancher is in a group. Be sure to check out all of our Jolly Rancher costumes to make an extra-sweet group look this year!

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 10-Aug

Color: Pink & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Watermelon Jolly Rancher Costume for Girls

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